Dec 09 2015

The Importance of Good Health – Especially Heart Health…

Isn’t it obvious? The importance of good health, that is? I guess it must NOT be obvious given how we as a nation eat and behave. 

Heart Health

Consider this – you’re born with a healthy heart (and this is considered NORMAL). But then… we (as a group in general) trade in physical activity (as was typical of earlier generations) for more sedentary pursuits. Add a touch (or a ton) of processed foods, carbonated beverages, and chemical ingredients that no one without a PhD in Chemistry can pronounce, and what do you have?

A GREAT formula for…

Cardiovascular (Heart) Disease

Over  85 million – yes OVER 85 MILLION Americans’ have some form of cardiovascular disease – go ahead, check me on that statistic! Why don’t we hear more? I can guarantee you if 85+ million had the common cold at any one time, it would make front page headlines. So, why not cardiovascular disease? After all, it is MUCH more serious than the common cold, isn’t it? 

I believe it boils down to this: cardiovascular disease is a SILENT disease in many cases UNTIL it strikes – and once it does, IF you survive the “event”, the “fun” is just beginning – a wealth of visits to a number of different specialists. Combined with a regimen of drugs, you and  your life savings are sure to be separated in short order.

YouTube Preview Image

Arginine to the rescue…

I hate to place any one thing on a pedestal, but of all the preventative approaches, arginine, a semi-essential amino acid seems to be a viable answer. I trust it to the point that I take it myself DAILY. 

According to WebMD (and other sources), here is why we need arginine.

Why we need it: 
  • Wound healing
  • Helping the kidneys remove waste products from the body
  • Maintaining immune and hormone function (some use it to prevent the common cold)
  • Dilates and relaxes the arteries 
    • improves circulation (men – you’ll notice improved blood flow in one area fairly quickly – hint: poor man’s viagara!) – 
    • may even help with ED (source – WebMD) – referred to as a “prosexual nutrient” (source:
    • higher blood flow also makes vaginal tissues more sensitive – so women, you’re not left out on this benefit
    • shows promise in lowering BP (personal experience!)Used 
    • used by MD’s for Congestive Heart Failure (webmd) and Coronary Artery Disease
    • can reduce pain in legs due to peripheral artery disease (blocked arteries)
    • some diabetics report increased blood flow helps with cold hands and feet
  • Works for migranes (with ibuprofen)
  • Plays a role in muscle growth  (body builders use it), formation of tendons and bone, incr. muscle mass/reduce body fat, reduce risk of blood clots and stroke (source:

Now the reality is, your body CAN produce all the arginine you need, so why supplement it? Simple, it ONLY produces arginine when you EAT RIGHT and get ENOUGH EXERCISE… ‘nuf said?

So, without sounding like a “pitch man”, I’m going to point you to the Arginine formulation I use personallyI selected this one based upon ingredients and believe it is priced to be highly competitive with ANY other arginine produce on the market. So for me, my plan is reasonable exercise, good diet rich in natural foods including fruits and veggies, AND a daily dose of 5g of Arginine.

arginine for your heart health

My choice in Arginine supplements

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Dec 04 2014

Tracking My Travels with Send Out Cards

Acting Upon Promptings – during “the season”, and any time of year…

I made a video about Send Out Cards a few weeks back. It was actually the last mild day, comfortable to be outside – but knowing that snow and cold were coming literally right around the corner – and they did!

Allow me to share my thoughts, then I will continue my written narrative below…

YouTube Preview Image

As you likely noted in my video, I tried to keep my thoughts are succinct and “to the point”. And as you can see, I’m a great believer in this service and the impact it has upon both its users and recipients.

But for me…

I find that Send Out Cards is “3 in 1”

– a creative outlet, a great way to “stay in touch”, and a solid “home based business” to profit with.

Let it be known that basically I’m quite lazy!

Yep, if I can sit on my laptop, in my easy chair, create a card and compose a message and only have to click “send”, I’m a happy camper. One may ask, why not just send an email or a text. For me, it comes down to impact. Send Out Cards “delivery method” (via postal mail) means that a real card is going to arrive to their home allowing the recipient to hold it and reflect upon it. Heck, it might even “live” on the kitchen table for a while – reminding that someone special that you thought of them and cared enough to send a card. 

Honestly, I enjoy the ability to create the perfect card – sharing pictures I have personally taken, and as an RV’er, of the many places I’ve visited. Send Out Cards allows me to arrange these pictures on the card – even creating a collage or a panoramic view “inside”. And… if I wish to include a gift (anything from brownies to a wedding gift), yep, I can do that too.

About staying in touch…

I am always amazed by the heartfelt reaction of my friends and acquaintances receiving a card (and brownies too sometimes!) – I can state with certainty, it is far more impactful than a text or an email!

As a “home based business”…

 Send Out Cards is very different from other companies with a similar business model – first, you can treat it as a real business. That is,  I can go into a Chamber of Commerce meeting in any town and say to the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker (with a straight face) that I have something they can use to stay in touch with their clients – and in doing so, grow their own business. And what about “mom”? Yep, she can make ONE card and then personalize it to each person she feels prompted to reach out to in kindness and perhaps gratitude. Connecting with small business owners enables you to build a “book of business” (a growing group of customers) who love Send Out Cards for both personal and business reasons.

You also earn by helping those who wish to do the same as you – in other words, by working with folks who wish to gather customers, and you earn an over-ride on the business they generate as well. So the more income they earn, the more your income grows. For me, I focus on “online marketing” – connecting with folks by creating videos that reach out and introduce me to a potential customer or business partner. I also help my team learn to do the same.

The key here is you’re building a business based upon a product that is easy to demonstrate “what it does” – and is part of something we do in our society – that is, send cards and gifts. Send Out Cards is not a “lotion, potion, or a pill” company that makes (incredulous) claims about results people will experience by using their product – and we all know that MOST never see those benefits (so highly touted by “those” companies.)

Try it out… on MY dime – 

And the BEST part? CLICK the image below and YOU can send a REAL card (it’s my treat). The card you’ll see is one I created out here in the Rockies, but you can edit it – both the message AND the images – before sending it. And remember… its a REAL card you’re sending. You’ll need to enter a postal mailing address to send it to someone you’re prompted to reach out to.

send out cards sendcere

Click to Edit and then Send this card – or – create your own and send it – the cost? “my treat!”


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Oct 24 2014

Insanity in New York City

I have always been a “news junky” – I used to find myself checking the Drudge Report at least 3 times a week to get the latest. Now, it is closer to 3 times a DAY – and most of the time, there is a MAJOR development, issue, report, etc. on his page – EACH TIME I VISIT. What I’m trying to say – and perhaps you see it too is things are happening at a faster and faster pace.

YouTube Preview Image

Having lived near NYC for much of my life and truly enjoyed each and every visit to “Gotham” after my brief 20 minute drive (on the times I didn’t encounter a protracted delay when approaching or entering the Lincoln Tunnel, I found yesterday evening’s reports to be almost beyond believe – except for the fact that I’d been EXPECTING such news at some point.

Of course, I didn’t expect a EBOLA OUTBREAK in Manhattan and a TERRORIST ATTACK in Queens on its finest – the NYPD.


You the reader my choose to speak up (and you can via the reply area below), but I don’t think so.


My greatest concerns regarding our current handling of Ebola

  • The Doctor who tested POSITIVE FOR EBOLA PASSED his “temperature test” at the airport upon his recent return
  • The Doctor (and the MORON GOVERNOR ANDREW CUOMO) refer to his actions as “limited exposure to the public” even thought on the NIGHT BEFORE he was admitted, he RODE THE SUBWAY, TOOK A CAB, and WENT BOWLING.

Why have we NOT STOPPED THE FLIGHTS (from W. Africa)?? Why are the BORDERS STILL WIDE OPEN??

Think about it – if we stopped the flights AND re-open Ellis Island and IMMEDIATELY QUARANTINE ANYONE returning from W. Africa (American Citizens AND US Military) for 42 DAYS – yep, that’s what the World Health Organization now states is the time to catch 98% of all ebola infections – NOT 21 days. Note: Stopping flights IN does NOT mean stopping HELP from getting TO W. Africa! They DO need help – but NOT the 101st Airborne AND the US Marines – they are NOT medical or construction oriented troops. (IF that is their goal??)

By the way – YOU can google ANY of my claims above and validate them for yourself. I will point you the reader to the Drudge Report for a reliable source of articles and information. 

Terrorism AGAIN in NYC – but will ANYONE acknowledge it as such??

Terrorism (by INSANE ISLAMIC NUT JOBS – and NO, I am NOT “indicting” ALL those of the Muslim faith) has once again hit NYC. And in many ways it is as serious as what happened (way back) on 911. Did YOU know that a group of NYC cops were ATTACKED by an insane islamic nutjob with a HATCHET??

Not a big deal?

Well, sure, ONLY one cop was injured, and ONLY one insane islamic nutjob was killed, but- haven’t we heard there are MANY of these nutjobs throughout this country? In the past few days have we perhaps seen “the tip of the iceberg” from events in Canada and NYC? Perhaps Facebook, with all their data collection abilities could identify those who have insane islamic nutjob postings on their “wall”… you know, like the ISIS flag; references to jihad and other similar references.

We are told these nutjobs are “lone wolves” – but how many are there? AND are they taking cues from public statements by islamic radicals over in other parts of the world – or perhaps from leaders in US based mosques??

I’m NOT advocating for giving up even MORE of our freedoms than we already have – but – for those who choose to publicly post such things, we can AT LEAST determine whether they are US Citizens (if they’re not… WHY are they still here after posting such things??) and if they are – WITHOUT denying their Constitutionally given rights, authorities need to do what they LEGALLY CAN do.

Isn’t this all simply COMMON SENSE??

You know, I would MUCH RATHER be focused on the amazing parts of the nation I have traveled through (from Idaho to Colorado over the past several weeks) – and I try to track my travels and what I have learned on my RV Across America blog, but when crap like this happens in a city I care greatly about… it captures my attention. I also promised a LINK to my “Typhoid Mary” post on my RV blog. 

Protect Yourself – Preparation 

Here are a few thoughts… 1) Take Action to BOOST your immune system  2) Have enough Food AND Water on-hand so you do NOT have to go out for a period of time (if it comes down to that)

Boost Your Immune System with the following (and yes, I do each daily)


Red Algae – This has been recommended to me from several trusted sources.

The two species of red algae in this product Gigartina and Dumontiacaea  have shown in research studies to be antiviral.


Colloidal Silver – This product has 16oz. of 240ppm Colloidal Silver – a well known (and old) solution to boosting your immune system – before you accept this statement as fact, do your own research! Given the price, quantity and concentration, this looks like a “best in class” to me.

Arginine – Yes, Arginine! You may know arginine as a vasodilator (relaxes your blood vessels), as such it shows GREAT PROMISE in reducing your risk of heart disease, reducing blood pressure, stopping migraines, addressing ED. Research I have recently found indicates Arginine helps to BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM.

My chosen “best in class” recommendation can be found HERE (or click the image below).

l arginine benefits

Arginine Infusion – for your overall health


Food and Water to Avoid Public Places – IF it comes down to it, better to be prepared…

I travel with FOOD and the ability to create POTABLE WATER. I opted to purchase from Wise Foods because their food is good for 25 years AND is packaged in packets of 2-4 servings. Many “food storage” companies store their food in “bulk” – reducing the time to consume it to a few weeks after the container is opened; Wise insures that each packet contains a small quantity serving. If you want to take a look at Wise Foods, click the image below (full disclosure: I am an affiliate for Wise Foods and will receive a small commission if you make a purchase – the same is true of the water filter I highlight below)

WISEFREESHIP5OFF   Banner_125x125

Save $125 including FREE Emergency Supplies and FREE Shipping on Wise Company Premier Kit – Buy Now at $719.00! (valid until October 31, 2014)  (This is a SHORT TERM special offered by Wise)
We know we all need food and water. Wise Foods is MY answer for food; Sawyer filters is my answer for water. The requirement here is you need to be near a source of water. It does NOT need to be potable water – most rivers will do fine. I would avoid water that has raw sewage in it, but virtually ANY other source of water will work. Here are the details on the Sawyer filter I recommend…


Staying OFF the grid – OUT of grocery stores and restaurants…

I truly hope it does NOT come down to THIS! But… consider this: With food (it doesn’t take up much space) and water (by going with filters – I’m saving weight and space), you can truly go “off grid” for quite a period of time.

That Guitarmanlink to his “City Song”

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Oct 03 2014

Shootin’ and Fishin’ and thoughts about “earn money from home”

The rain finally ended. I didn’t think it was possible to see 4 days of heavy rain in Wyoming! It actually gave me a chance to see if I have any leaks – and I’m pleased to say, my “5er” is holding up with only one small puddle in a storage bay – and I know exactly how water got in there! (Don’t miss my photos below sharing the best of the past couple of weeks – and my comments below the slide show)

 Shootin and fishin…

And… when the rain ended, I got out and went to a “locals spot” to reacquaint myself with my shotgun – still trying to figure out how to load multiple rounds in it! I have a remington 870 ‘tactical’ and I’m enjoying getting to know it.
And then to another “locals spot” to do some fishin’ – this is about my 5th attempt, and I have YET to catch a fish! Dunno what I’m doing wrong, but I have a feeling it will require a visit to an anglers shop and talk with a real fisherman to get some tips!
The region – this is the Star Valley – a number of lightly populated towns in a deep valley. The salt river runs through it – and as I mentioned above, I continue to have no luck catching anything.

About Videos and “Earn Money From Home” (a new keyword I’m striving to rank for)

While I have been enjoying the outdoors when the weather permits, I have also been working on my videos and keywords. 
Do me a favor, have a look at this brief video, and then let me know what you think of my “presentation video”…
YouTube Preview Image
Want to learn more about my “video strategy” and ranking videos? Contact me! (See contact link above)

A few inspiring photos…

The past couple of weeks of travel…

Ashton, Id – a small town North of Idaho Falls. The Jolly Camper RV (accepts passport america) is a good park to make “home base”. Inexpensive, clean, and conveniently located to provide easy access to town (has a pizza shop and mexican food – both good; also a root beer drive-in – authentic!) and points North (Yellowstone and Henry’s Lake State Park) – and Montana.

Victor, Id – in the “Teton Valley” – next to Driggs (has many good restaurants and a great grocery store); a few miles west of Grand Targhee (potentially the BEST skiing conditions in the entire nation) There is ONE RV Park (Teton Valley) – the sites are *tight* and they are priced knowing they are the ONLY RV park in the entire valley! Also home to the Brakeman – see photo.

Alpine, Wy – the site of my ‘shootin and ‘fishin… and 3 good coffee shops/breakfast eateries. Each has its own unique atmosphere and qualities. A good grocery story, a few other unique retail establishments, and a pizza place that makes a VERY good tuna sub (surprising!) Gotta check out “Cowboyz Bistro” (on North side of the road) – GREAT breakfast and coffee!

Learn more about my RV travel HERE


Just a quick word about computer security… THIS is a great deal –

SAVE $50 on Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete 2015. Only $29.99 (Reg.Price $79.99) Complete protection for your PCs. Limited Time Only!

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Sep 24 2014

How to create a SIMPLE, POWERFUL, and EFFECTIVE videos

Looking to earn money from home?

I’m right there with ya! In my situation, I do it from my “home on the road” as you see, I live in a luxury 5th wheel and have the opportunity to travel and see some of the most amazing places.

earn money from home

Yes, you CAN earn money from home


When it comes to success in a home based business today, video – especially powerful videos, those that communicate real “meat” are a great way to build a home based business and earn that income so many desire but don’t really know how to go about achieving.

Video can help you spread your message without having to follow the traditional (and all too often typical) strategy of “hounding” family, friends, and neighbors (until you end up in the “NFL” – watch the video linked HERE to learn what THAT is!)

A few thoughts about home based business, earn money from home programs, video marketing, and YOU

Let’s face it, YOU are THE unique aspect to any home based business or make money from home opportunity. That is, when you become a “Send Out Cards” representative, or affiliate with any network marketing company, you assume the same role that many others have before you. So, why will YOU succeed?

From my perspective, YOU need to set yourself “apart” from the pack!



AND… video is a great start!

Video is where (as I point out in this video), people begin to know, like, and trust you. In my opinion, you should also create some videos in which you also appear “on camera” to aid in this process (think about my Johnny Carson example cited in my video.)

And you know what?

To make a powerful video that produces results, you don’t need lots of special effects or high tech equipment – really!

Lets start with an overview of what is in the video posted below – within it you will observe a powerful video creation technique that does NOT require YOU to be “on camera”. Further, you’ll learn what company I have affiliated with to generate residual income that helps fund my RV Lifestyle, additionally, you will gain insights on why I selected this particular company – and a good portion of my criteria for how to look at virtually any home based business or earn money from home venture.

Here is what I used to create this video –

  1. A text writer – such as Word or Open Office Writer (free, use the link provided) to create the script
  2. A presentation tool – such as Powerpoint or Open Office Impress (this created the “slides” – again free, use the link provided)
  3. A good quality microphone – I used Sony’s bluetooth wireless mic system (Model ECM-AW3)  – it is very quiet, stable, and if I record outside, will resist wind noise. This system costs about $100., however to get started, you could use simply the mic that comes with your laptop or tablet.
  4. A video creation program called “Screencast-O-Matic” – cost $15/year for unlimited use.

Once I create the video in Screencast-O-Matic, I save it to my computer, upload it to YouTube (I also use Clipz – a service is illustrated on this page. You can learn more about Clipz HERE.)

The video, once uploaded will be “out there” for folks to view – and for those with whom it resonates to reach out to you and express their interest in doing what you’re doing – and achieving what you’re achieving. It is with this approach I became one of the top folks in a company in early 2013 and was even invited onto their advisory board to help steer the company as it navigated some troubled waters.

Ok, back to the video, and how to earn money from home

After creating the video, the next step is to get it ranked. Here is the big picture:

YOU are in a home based business and trying to earn money from home.

YOU want the entire world to get excited about the company that YOU are excited about – but your family, friends and neighbors don’t want to hear it!

BUT… there ARE people out there who want the same result as YOU. The key is this – instead of YOU seeking them out, THEY will find you IF when they do a “keyword” search (eg: make money from home), YOUR video shows up on page 1.

Top ranking is my personal goal for EVERY video I create (I set high standards!), and I am currently working on creating a formal training program where I will offer strategies (that I personally use) to rank videos. Until then, the best way to gain access to this information is to work with me as a member of my Send Out Cards team. As a team member, you’ll be able to work closely with me to learn how to create and more importantly RANK the videos you create so you find your phone ringing a few times each week with folks who ALREADY know-like-and-trust you!

Know that I’m a life-long learner. And that’s a good thing as getting videos ranked on YouTube is like following a moving target. Why YouTube? Simple – they are the #2 search engine – did you know that?!

And…once a video is ranked on YouTube, it has a good shot at appearing on a Google search as well (the #1 search engine!)

If you wish to speak with me, look for the “contact me” information at the top of this page.

If you review additional posts here on, you will find plenty of videos where I’m “on camera” and speaking to you as if we were across the table from each other at your local Starbucks. THAT is a BIG key to all of this – as I pointed out in this video.

Returning to a point I made earlier, when you’re in a home based business, you must find a way to “stand out” and stand above “the crowd” of other affiliates – especially if your goal is to NOT bother your family, friends and neighbors with your “new and great business opportunity”.

Allow me to close with these thoughts…

If you wish to work with me, learn how to market via videos (and other methods as well) instead of the traditional approaches in the “network marketing” world, then have a look here – and follow the path to “marketing distributor” to get started. You’ll become a core member of my team, privy to my private training and coaching and have direct access to me so we can help you achieve your goals and dreams as you earn money from home!

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