28 Leads in 10 hours… proof available

Leads are the lifeblood of ANY business. Do you know how to gather them effectively and efficiently? Do you know what to do with them once you have them?? This morning I woke up to 25 new leads (now 28) and a 31.4% “opt-in” rate. That means that 86 people saw my page and 27 took action by “opting-in” to get the information I promised them. (I can provide proof of this if asked!!)

And… my “campaign” is not even 20% complete! How did this happen?

You may be wondering how you can do the same. The short answer is YES, you CAN do what I’m doing. Allow me to dissect how you can duplicate what I’m doing. I’m only going to touch on the highlights here, but I promise you a “no-nonsense” webinar within the next few days that will begin to give you a path to follow.

First, here is WHY I am building a business…I listened to a financial planner/advisor with lots of experience just this morning at my weekly business networking breakfast. He works with people who are planning their financial future. During the course of his talk, he shared that has all too many clients who are in their 50’s and 60’s have NO (zero, zilch) SAVINGS. I would argue that those of us who are in our 50’s and 60’s are at a point where this is (perhaps) our last chance to “get our financial act” together to insure comfort and lifestyle in our “golden” years…. and that is why I’m here sharing this with you.

Ok, so, what does it take to get 28 leads in 10 hours? Well, it starts by creating a solid “funnel” that introduces people to yourself, and provides something of value to them.  A funnel begins with a webpage that introduces the visitor to yourself and making them an offer to get some “goodies”. All they need to do is “opt-in” to get the “goodies”. Your value proposition could take the form of video training, an ebook, or time with the expert. In my case, I introduce you to me via a three video series. This video series is intended to provide a blueprint for success. Perhaps thats how you got to reading this message! We will take a closer look at the funnel in my webinar. Want a head start? Contact me directly via email (alan@alansills.com) and tell me you’re ready to “make a change”.

What about advertising?

You can have the greatest webpage (site) in the world and a great funnel, but it isn’t going to be of any value unless you put “eyeballs on the page”. How did I do this? “Solo-advertising”. This is a form of advertising through an established newsletter provider. I have been exploring and researching various newsletters for the past several months and am now in a position to recommend at least two. This form of advertising only works IF you are willing to invest in your business. Many home-based “entrepreneurs” are not really business people by their nature and as such, they join with a company, paying some money to become an “independent business owner” and then are not prepared to invest in their business. Instead they use outdated tactics and techniques taught by their “upline” which results in about a 1% success rate. Sound good to you? Not me! That’s why I’m investing in my business by learning from some of the best. For those who work with me, they are treated to my interpretation and distillation of the information I’ve paid literally thousands for.

If I just described your “home based business” and you’re willing to consider investing in your business… (or if you’re searching for the right business for you), then we need to talk! Look for a coming announcement of my next webinar…its coming soon and not to sound like Donald Trump, but… “you’re gonna absolutely love it!”

For now, if you’d like to connect with me on a deeper level, allow me to invite you to my Facebook business page and “like” it. You’ll be treated to an e-book that I could easily charge $97. for  – yet just for liking my Facebook page, you get it for free. Here is the link…


Ok, thats all for now. We will talk MUCH more soon.

Have a great day!



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