A day with Alan on the road…

Hey there and welcome! 

I decided to post, along with a bunch of other “full timers” about “a day in the life…”

Life on the road presents a lot of excitement, decisions, opportunities, and yes – challenges.

In 7 months on the road, I had 1 major incident with my 5th wheel that resulted in over $15,000. damage – Thank God for insurance! (I have a post that details what happened, so i’m not going to go into that here); additionally, plans have changed at the last minute from time to time and when driving, especially in any towns – and pulling a 38 ft. “thing” behind me, decisions have to be made…quickly!

Overall, I would not trade this for a “stationary” life style! I prepared a brief video where I share a bit about me, what I do (how I support this lifestyle) and as closely as I can “what a day in the life” looks like…

YouTube Preview Image

Here are a few memories from the road…

Just hit the road...one of my first nights - in NC

Christmas Carolers in NYC (Washington Sqr. Park in "the village")

Near Mt. Rushmore...but THIS is Crazy Horse!

It *finally* snowed! Solitude Ski Area

Sunset at Tijeras, NM - smoke from forest fire in the distance (5/2012)


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  1. Stephanie says:

    Alan, Thank you so much for participating in this months Our Life On Wheels :: Blog Carnival, hope to have you again next month.

  2. Al says:

    Thanks so much Stephanie! Good to make your acquaintance. Thanks for inviting me to contribute. Al

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