A Message To Rick…and all the Ricks of this world (perhaps you know one?)…

I’ve got some great stories for ya! I’m heading over to Arlington, Tx for Restoring Love which will be happening later this week (7/26-28). Honestly, its the entire reason I headed this far “east” from Albuquerque! So, its a major turning point in my summer – and based upon the experience coming up, perhaps in my life!

I am also going through the trials and tribulations of addressing the issues that resulted from my blowout last Sunday (7/15/12). But… this came up in the interim –

I made a connection and have built a friendship with a young man online. The young man’s name is Rick. Rick is in a “state” similar to so many others today. He is a “twenty something” who is unemployed, has not had steady work in a couple of years, and is living at home to keep costs as low as possible. He is helping out around the house and does “odd-jobs”, but, he has not secured solid full-time work.

When he contacted me, I shared a world he was not real familiar with – one where you don’t trade “hours for dollars”, one where “I will until” is more the “mantra”. I posted a video to him yesterday to kinda “lay it on the line” and give him a “kick in the butt” (that perhaps you or someone you know needs!)

Interestingly, the video has 15 views on youtube, even though I have not promoted it at all thus far! Seems like, in the 12 hours its been up, people are finding it!

I prepared the video with the thought in mind that Rick needs to consider there are other ways to earn a living than by trading “hours for dollars” – you’re going to see me promote two specific programs, YOU need to evaluate whether they are right for you…and whether you’ve “got it” (internally) to be an entrepreneur. You know, early in our nations history, most people were entrepreneurs and did not expect a few bucks for an hours work – and frankly, even if you are skilled and get $20 or $30 or more for an hours work – consider this: what is YOUR time *really* worth? Would Steve Jobs have spent another hour at work instead of with friends and family? Perhaps…but perhaps not. He did not even see 60 years on this Earth during his life (if memory serves me)…so, what is YOUR time worth?

As a last thought before seeing the video, the “plan” we all grew up learning – trading hours for dollars – has more people on public assistance than ever in our nations history – so, how’s THAT plan workin for ya?

Ok, now you’re ready…You can see the video for yourself right here…

YouTube Preview Image

After viewing it, I welcome your comments.

Have a great day and I hope this resonated with you!



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