A penny saved or preserved…

“A penny saved is a penny earned” – an old thought, right? Does it apply today as well? 

There has been no inflation since 1900?! Watch my video and consider my point. 

How about a “penny preserved… is that also a penny earned?”

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Here is the post about James Turk from King World News

I decided to link additional posts here to let you do your own research and gain a broader perspective on the issues discussed here…

This quotes Peter Schiff and a provocative perspective on what may be headed our way.

And one last link – thought provoking if nothing else… from the Gold is Money forum

As I mention in my video, if you’re looking to make a significant purchase of gold or silver, I can refer you to a dealer who will likely give you the best price you’ll find. (Of course, you should take my referral, contact him and then shop around to confirm!) I share these things, not to scare, but to help those who are inclined to prepare.

This is why when I look at producing income, the first thing I consider (think “Maslows Heirarchy” is preserving what one has AND preserving quality of life. A friend summarized it as “beans, bullets, and bandaids”…and if I’m wrong, silver and gold can always be sold eventually and freeze dried food can be eaten! The world has never seen “fiat” currencies (those backed simply by the “good faith” of their government) survive for much more than 40 years… the U.S. dollar became a fiat currency in 1971 when Nixon took us off the gold standard. When the German Deutchmark was looking to collapse – by those who were paying attention in the 1920’s (the writing was on the wall then as it is now), those folks converted their currency into another nations currency and did not suffer from the loss of the deutchmarks value. 

gold and silver

Click this image to link to the blog it came from – they have a great lesson on money and currency.

Today, to my knowledge, ALL currencies are “fiat”. Some believe we will go back onto the gold standard…but to do that, gold will have to be at least 5x higher than it is today. And, silver has always trailed gold (historically) by a factor of 16:1. (Consider now it is trailing by much more than that ratio, and historically when that condition has existed, it has eventually caught up and “overshot” its mark with gold! 

My goal here is not to preach, but to get the reader to think about things… and to know since most folks have little extra to spend on silver, gold, food and more, the answer is to create additional income streams – but that does NOT mean a “2nd job” or a “3rd job”!! Jobs take away one of your most precious commodities – your time! The alternative? Passive income cash-flow. How? Contact me – lets talk and look at options. 

Just read this article 8.8.12 – “Has the Perfect Moment to Destroy the Dollar Arrived?” – I know…it sounds *crazy*, but YOU read the article and tell me if I was right to link it here.

I leave you with this request… if this post has caused you to ponder – please, pass it on (share it) and feel free to share your thoughts via the comments box below.

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  1. Budda says:

    OR..the government could step out of the way of ininavtoon and allow us to create a sustainable world that could continue to grow without major lack and scarcity..there is more than enough resources if we use them properly basically we need to get rid of the fed..they confuse real wealth with paper mache’ and since they can over-print, we over-produce, over-consume and we waste a ton of real wealth we need to stop pretending wealth comes from a printing press and take care of ourselves

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