A visit to the desert, and a few insights inspired while I was there…

A drive into the wilderness…

a trip to the desert, lifestyle, time freedom

The view from Hwy. 24









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And then I saw this thing as I neared the state park and my hiking spot…

alansills.com, time freedom, build your business

An amazing bluff near my destination









I hiked up Wild Horse Canyon…

alansills.com, lifestyle, time freedom, home based business

Entering the Wild Horse Canyon









Then it got REAL narrow…

alansills.com, lifestyle, home based business, time freedom

And...since I practically live in sandals, I decided I was not into rock climbing!









So, I drove back towards the state park and made this video for you here…

YouTube Preview Image

Pretty cool, huh? THIS is why I do what I do! It has enabled me to TRAVEL

and be HERE. I feel safe AND I have the time freedom to do these things.

If this sounds good to you…visit my “work with Al” link at the top of this page

and lets talk!

I’ll leave you with this epic photo…

alansills.com, lifestyle, home based business, networking

Goblins in Goblin Valley State Park









and…oh, hey, if you haven’t seen CloudZow yet…click the funny name!

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