An Epic Ski Day – and a few “thought provoking” thoughts…

Yes! It was an epic ski day! And…as you watch the video I share a few topical thoughts. Be sure to check the photos below – you can click on them to see full size images. And…be sure to read the summary and clarification of my thoughts towards the end of this post. 

The start of an epic day... 40+ inches of snow in the previous 3 days

The expanse of the Wasatch

Yes! I skied this.

Honeycomb Canyon - Just Opening - FRESH POWDAH!

A few thoughts regarding my comments in the video about Network Marketing…

  • Network Marketing is one of the FEW industries that enables the individual (like you and I) to tap into the power of residual and leveraged income
  • “Your success leads to my success” – that is help enough people to achieve their goals, and you achieve yours … find another industry that promotes that kind of cooperation
  • The Internet has opened a world of potential for connecting with those who WANT to hear your message. You do NOT have to rely upon bugging family, friends and neighbors to grow your business… but, IF you are putting VALUES, ETHICS, and MORALS first, then you’ll have something people (including family and friends) will WANT!

You can see about the two companies I mention here…

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