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Blog Curation is HOT. Done right it can lead to “Google love” which leads to top rankings on organic searches in the niche of your choice. Top rankings lead to TRAFFIC on your site which IF you have something of value to offer your visitors can and will lead to a passive income stream and a lifestyle you’ve only dreamed of. 

Check this image for SOCIAL PROOF… I only started my blog curation a few weeks ago (less than 4 as of 7/9/12) and you can see the results I just pulled up on Google! (click image to see it full size)

blog curation is powerful

Blog Curation is powerful! And…YES, it *really* works!

The full Blog Curation series is now posted here! All 4 videos. Be sure to access my notes (and links) pages below for additional support! 

The two videos that follow were inspired by a live event I conducted online for a group of interested folks on June 27, 2012. These two videos are parts 1 and 2 of a 3 (or 4) part series I’m in the process of creating that is designed to empower YOU to know what Blog Curation is (and much more) and empower you to move in that direction IF you so choose. 

In the videos I refer to an outline that can be found here…

And I reference some resources, most of which I am an affiliate for, so, I certainly ask if you’re going to use the product or service, kindly DO access it through my link!

Here now are the videos…

Blog Curation 1

YouTube Preview Image

Blog Curation 2

YouTube Preview Image

Blog Curation 3

YouTube Preview Image

Blog Curation 4

YouTube Preview Image

So, if you watched all 4, Thanks! And…if you decide to use any of the resources I talked about (including Harlan’s course), please DO use the links provided on this page

And…please DO leave me feedback in the comments box below!

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  1. Enjoyed the webinar and discussed with you if we should use the blog we have on our website or get a new one. You said we should talk. Can you please PM with your number so we can do that. I still have a few questions but have been doing lots of the research you talked about. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

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