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Webroot, THE best computer and mobile device security company I have ever personally used is running a SALE that YOU need to be aware of. 

I’m taking the time to share this with you as I have found Webroot to be demonstrably better than the competition. When it comes to computer (tablet, smart phone) security I want two simple things:

1) Protect my device from virtually ALL threats (viruses and other forms of malware)

2) Do #1 while NOT slowing down my device OR interfering with my daily and normal work on the device

Make sense? 

A hat I used to wear was that of “computer tech” and when people called me with “my computer runs slow”, quite often I would find the “culprit” was their anti-virus/spyware tool (usually either one of the two that COMES PRE-INSTALLED on most computers!

So, simple enough, Webroot has just released their new 2014 products – and they are offering a SUBSTANTIAL discount. Click the banner below and know the price you see covers 5 (FIVE) devices…

SAVE $50 on Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete 2014. Only $29.99 (Reg.Price $79.99) Complete protection for your PCs. Limited Time Only!

Yes, you read the ad right… its normally $80. on sale for $30! 

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