Critical Thinking…Common Sense…and Home Based Businesses

Straight talk and common sense. THAT is what I’m all about. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired (as heck) of the deceptive marketing that tries to create (superficial) curiosity; stays just within “this side of the line” of promising riches; or in general appealing to our most negative “instincts” – including greed.

Is there a REAL alternative? 

I believe the clear answer is YES. It is what I’m building my online presence upon. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not perfect, and I have made my share of mistakes – but – I make (darn) sure I learn from them! I’m now in a situation where I am VERY satisfied with my life choices and life style (just read a few of my other posts), my income is growing as I continue to promote real and viable products and companies that I believe represent values and value. 

Check out my video message below…

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A view from my front door…

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  1. I enjoy your Post, But It wouldn’t be fair for you to say this on a certain level, In your video you stated: “In a home based business, I like to look for things that are simple and make sense”. So Do I. 🙂 I have found something that is simle and make sense. NOT only that But it makes me happy, therefor giving me a drive and passion I need to make this work for me. I have been in so many business’s and have failed. I had the same thought concept as THIS: “just within “this side of the line” of promising riches; or in general appealing to our most negative “instincts” – including greed. ”

    The Deal was and the common sense about that was that Every business needs a product to be Legal and not consider a scam, Correct?

    The Reason why I bring this up is because there are Legit companies, and just because that many people have failed doesn’t mean it’s a scam. Many people fail at sports But should we call that a scam? Just because they didnt try or PRACTICE at it for years?

    Just like you I have found a Home based business as well that is simple and makes senses and Makes me Happy, So I can develop that Drive and Passion to Make it Work 😉

    Thank you for your Post, However I see other wise. (&& I totally Understand If you do not approve this comment… )

    Until then,
    I will see you on the beaches of the world,

    Ashley Cornejo

    Feel Free to CALL ME 786-443-6949 Anytime

  2. Alan Sills says:

    Ashley, first – the fact that you ramble on and never mention the company you are promoting or its products raises a BIG red flag in my world. Next, a “scam” to me is NOT just a ponzi scheme; its a company that offers a stupid product (as 99% do) – what makes it stupid? Simple, it can not or can never compete in the OPEN MARKET.

    Whats that? Amazon, walmart, etc.

    Since you provided no specifics, I can provide you with little useful guidance beyond what is in my video.

    As for a business “making you happy” – well, most effective and successful business professionals are “happy” when they see the business growing – NOT due to finding droves of lemmings ready to jump in; NOT from slick marketing videos and compensation plans that make it look too easy to earn; but simply from offering a “widget” that the world wants, and the world finds value in; at a price they will readily pay.

    Simple enough? There is no debating this perspective as it is “business 101”


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