Daniel – The Lions Den – and having a positive attitude?

Things happen for a reason

Do you honestly BELIEVE the truth in that statement?

I do.

Allow me to expand upon the thought…


How do YOU start each day?

Because according to Pastor Osteen, and life experience, it matters! 

Living in an Recreational Vehicle has multiple blessings – AND – multiple challenges. It would be EASY to slip into “Good Lord, its morning!” instead of “Good Morning Lord!” How you approach the day – each and every day – often makes ALL the difference! 

Now that the ski season has come to an end (mine ended with a bad fall on April 4 where I may have cracked a couple of ribs), my attention is turning towards Spring, Summer, and with that will come lots of hiking, kayaking, travel, and… videos through which I hope to inspire and call YOU to action! Spring is a time of renewal – flowers bloom, trees “come back to life” (“Natures first green is gold” … recognize that?)

BUT… we all have needs – Lets talk Maslow’s Heirarchy…you know – where we need to fulfill our most basic needs FIRST – like air, water, food, and shelter. Only after these basic needs are met, can we begin to think about “extras” like luxuries at home or travel. Increasingly, as I travel the nation, I find more and more folks are living “on the edge” and are concerned about their most basic needs, with little time to think about “extras”. Sounds like a return to many living a lifestyle of an earlier day.

Mob Rule – Good men and women need to speak out! History shows us what happens when they do not. We saw what happened when the NAZI’s “flagged” groups to be taken and those not flagged were afraid to speak out – or simply in denial. Allow me to share a concern… I call upon the major players on the Internet today to KEEP the communication flow OPEN and UNFETTERED. I have seen situations where voices expressing their view have either been silenced or threatened with silence. With just a few “players” controlling much of the communication across the “digital airwaves” at this time, I see that as quite dangerous. This is why I am constantly seeking effective avenues for communication that are not reliant upon Google, YouTube, and Facebook alone. Google (and its derivatives) have tremendous power as most folks today (according to the statistics) search for information using Google only see what comes up in their Google search… and of course, Google controls the results of the search! See where this *could* lead or IS leading?

Have an “Expectant Attitude”

daniel den with light72

BUT don’t be complacent! When Daniel entered the Lion’s Den – he did so with full faith in the Most High and it was his unwavering faith that kept him safe. Certainly he alone could not control the actions of 100 hungry lions! Prior to his “incarceration” in the lions den, Daniel DID make conscious choices by openly praying to God and calling attention to himself.

We are called upon – even though we are “destined for greatness” – to actively pursue it. Few will find a solution to their daily fight for survival unless they go out and seek it! Growth should be continual, but outward progress will not always follow. That is, if you “do the right actions”, eventually you will see results – but not always as fast as you’d like to see them!

What we DO know is things are changing – in our culture, in our nation, and across the globe – ignoring these trends should only be done at your own risk! Read the wisdom in the article “10 reasons to quit your job in 2014“. The KEY message here, I believe, is to understand the trends, acknowledge the reality – and then take action! Should you wish to contact me (my skype is alan.sills) and I have a “contact me” link above, I stand ready to dialogue with you options that will enable you to maintain (or increase) your ability to climb higher on Maslow’s Hierarchy!

What does abundance look like to you? 

To me, it must include an income that has (ideally) BOTH leveraged and residual components. I will close by encouraging you to connect with me for further dialogue if I have succeeded at getting those “creative juices” flowing! 


send out cards

Promptings can be POWERFUL! Ever wonder where they come from??




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  1. Like Daniel, Nehemiah trusted the Lord and left his wealthy lifestyle in Persia to go and rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. This he did in under two months and he not only applied great determination and skill as a project manager, but he also had great faith in God. He succeeded against all the odds. Perhaps you could use his example in another of your fine videos.
    I am a Banners Broker affiliate (although not yet Banners mobile) and my website, although registered with 123reg is not yet designed. I have been waiting for BB to get their full act together before getting a well designed site out there on the internet,
    Thanks for all your useful information. It’s really useful and much appreciated by this 80 year old who is just starting out on his first internet business career,


    David B Johnson

  2. Alan Sills says:


    You are an inspiration! Thanks for the insights on Nehemiah, and I will build him into a video. As for BB, yes, they are clearly STILL trying to get their act together… but I *am* optimistic. I did fund my banners mobile account and if/when you opt to enroll, I’d welcome you as part of my group should you find value in doing so.

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