Emergency Food Storage, an Idea whose time has come?

World events are prompting me to make this post – my goal is to share this information with you and in doing so, I hope to make your life just a bit better. I am reminded of a simple motto – one attributed to the Boy Scouts, “Be Prepared” – a good thought eh?

Allow me to share my thought process with you here. I will start by simply stating…

It Just Makes Sense To Have an

Emergency Supply of Food In Your Home

Consider these realities…

– Food inflation is HERE (From the Associated Press 3/16/2011…”Food prices soared 3.9 percent last month, the biggest gain since November 1974.”) Bottom line: The food you buy “tomorrow” will cost you more than the food you buy today.

– Most Supermarkets have only a couple of days worth of food on the shelves. (What would you do if deliveries to the markets stopped as a result of a natural disaster or some other form of disruption? How long would you and your family survive with what is in your home? AND… What would you do if you lost power? How much food in your fridge is at risk?

A Common Sense Solution…Have an emergency supply of food in your home

As I searched for the RIGHT supplier, I decided the following criteria were IMPORTANT in choosing the best product:

1) The food has to be nutritious and affordable

2) It has to have a LONG shelf life (decades)

3) It has to be packaged into SMALL SERVINGS (This is important: most “long term food storage suppliers” package their food in “#10 Cans” where each can contains part of a meal and has many servings. This is NOT an ideal solution, especially for individuals, couples, and small families.)

4) The food should be stored in containers that are reasonably sized, easy to stack, and easy to “grab and go”…think about it.

After much research (and searching) I found a company called “Wise Foods” that meets ALL of my requirements. AND... I have formed a relationship with them that allows YOU to purchase through the following link with FREE SHIPPING

Click here —>   Welcome to WiseFoodStorage.com. Use code CJFS and Free Shipping will be applied on Gourmet Outdoor Meals!

Once you land on Wise Food’s home page, have a look at the choices under “Products – Stocking up Long Term Food Supply” Wise Foods even has a calculator – use it to assess how much you should purchase for the time period you decide is the best for you and your family (eg: 3 mos., 6 mos., 1 year, etc…)

Remember – purchased from the right company, what you buy today will cost you LESS than what you decide to buy in the future (assuming food prices continue to rise). AND… purchasing from the right company means what you purchase today will NEVER go to waste.

CLICK HERE —> Welcome to WiseFoodStorage.com. Use code CJFS and Free Shipping will be applied on Gourmet Outdoor Meals!


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  1. wow – now that’s what i call a good article. keep up the work

  2. Al says:

    thanks! you can also find me on fb at http://facebook.alansills.com

  3. Al says:

    not sure what pics you’re referring to; have you tried a different browser?

  4. Alan says:

    Pretty good article that had some key pointers that are always a necessity, like the overall flow!

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