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Aaah! The humidity dropped (if only for a few days); I actually moved my fat … and got on the bicycle and rode about 20 miles in 2 days. I’m going out again this morning as I see dawn breaking as I write this. Autumn in Florida…uhhh…sort of.
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Anyway, I’m sure you’d agree that if you’re in business, unless you have an amazing retention system (gee, I know of one!) and way to build referrals (again…yup), you need “new blood”. This takes the form of “leads”. How does one acquire leads? If you are in a home based business, you can spend your time in malls and shopping centers…errr…NOT effective; you can do SEO – effective, but time consuming and requires a long time to see results; you can do “paid advertising” – I’ve been going down this road personally for a while now; and… you can buy leads. 
Buying leads is usually NOT a good idea. Why? Well, most lead providers are not giving you as quality a lead as what YOU can generate through paid advertising IF you know what you’re doing and develop an effective “sales funnel” (there’s some good nuggets here!!) I personally have spent lots of time developing this and I’m starting to see results in this arena. This is where I spend much of my efforts – for myself and in training my team.
So, why have I been promoting a lead company for the past day or so?
MyLeadCompany is a startup venture by J.R. Jackson – a man whom I have personally spoken with and seems to be a man of character and integrity. He understands what you have to do with a new business – he is offering those who take action now (NO investment is required), he will provide 100 leads to anyone who watches his 9 minute video and registers. Again – he will NOT collect your credit card info. 
Here is the link to check out J.R.’s lead providing company….
I took action by registering for J.R.’s service, figuring I’d “work the 100 leads” that he gives you just for watching the video and registering… and IF they are good, I’ll order more – after all, its an investment just like any other form of paid advertising for your business. So, if this makes sense to you, have a look at the page I shared above via my link and DO get back with me to let me know what your experience is with J.R.’s service. 

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