Grand Junction to Rifle – An Exceptional Drive!

Time/date: Saturday, October 13 – 10:45am MDT – I left Grand Junction in an off-n-on light rain with a temperature of 48. I broke down the RV as normal with the only change from the summer to wear two long sleeve shirts instead of my “signature” t-shirt. I was still in shorts and sandals – and will be until its BELOW freezing!!

grand junction

Grand Junction to Rifle, Co.

The drive from Grand Junction to Rifle along I-70 takes you through a river valley surrounded by mountains on both sides. The river? As far as I know – its the Colorado. It meanders gradually from Rifle (5350 ft) to Grand Junction (4650 ft). To be absolutely honest, NOTHING was exceptional except this…

While driving along the Interstate, with solid grey skies and a persistent light rain, I noticed the yellow of the Autumnal Aspens were illuminating my way. Specifically, they nicely line the Colorado River itself. On the mountain sides (and I can see this from the window of the Starbucks I’m currently in), I can see stunted spruce trees on the 40+ degree slopes of the hills leading up from the river valley.

The bright, almost iridescent yellow of the Aspens, the brown of the river, the green of the slopes and the grey of the sky made an otherwise dreary day MUCH more interesting.

My drive ended at the Rifle Walmart (where I will “dry camp” for the night) before heading into Rifle Gap State Park (and potentially 72 hours of NO PHONE OR INTERNET – note I said “potentially” – I might drive into town (about 10 miles) for part of Monday. Rifle Gap is supposed to be spectacular and will certainly be quiet at this time of year!

Walmart will serve not only as a free overnight spot, but as a great spot to re-stock my food supplies!

By the way – my drive, just over an hour, saw the temperature FALL to 44 upon arrival in Rifle. A bit chilly – but – I’m STILL in shorts!


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  1. Lisa Hale says:

    Be sure to stop in Glenwood Springs for a hot springs soak when you continue east. It is pretty cool.

  2. Alan Sills says:

    Lisa, thanks for the ‘heads-up’ but it is NORTH from here! I’m heading to Craig and then to Steamboat Springs… from the name, perhaps there are also hot springs there too?

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