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First – what you’re about to read and see – SHARE IT! I rarely ask this of you on my blog. You may be aware that I have been exploring the power of “Blog Curation” for the past several weeks. I did a 4 video training series on the topic to help you get started with it.

My blog is here – http://heartdiseaserisk.info

Each day, I curate a post on a topic related to heart disease risk (and how to reduce it). Today’s post is so amazing that I wanted you to see this – and you will want others to see it as well. As you read the post, you’ll find that research recently shared at an American Chemical Society symposium is likely a “game changer” in reducing our risk of heart disease. Here is a link to the article

heart disease risk

Click here for the article.

Fascinating discovery highlighted by American Chemical Society likely to reduce heart disease

Ok, more food for thought. Blog Curation is not just an activity designed to add value to others lives (as I believe heartdiseaserisk.info does), it is also a strategy that can produce a long term source of income. See my video training series referenced earlier to learn more about this.

Now a few additional “current issues”

1) I *still* plan to bring you a video series that mirrors what I shared on my (highly acclaimed) webinar from earlier this week. Look for that post perhaps as early as later today.

So, its Friday morning. Pray for those impacted by the shooting in NYC this morning. It is an area I have walked through many times in my life – an area I always felt safe doing so. It is ashame what is happening in our cities – mostly large, but both large and smaller. On a greater scale, pray for our nation and our freedoms.

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