I’m here to light the path (if you want me to)

Is that too “headstrong?”

What I’m asking is…

Is it wrong to show leadership and independence in our society these days?

Some of your are now saying “of course not”, but I felt it necessary to ask as it seems that we emphasize “teamwork” and “group think”, but do we still SEEK and RESPECT leadership? 

I’m talking about true leadership here. What that means to me is “not afraid to do it myself first” and to be the guy who learns by trial and error. The reality is (I believe) there is NO reason to be in “hard times” right now in this economy AND anyone with some rudimentary skills CAN succeed in their own business. Why do I say that with such confidence? Well, I’ve done it! (And, trust me, I’m no one special.) And… its not as difficult as it was in the past when starting a business required tons of capital or even “making a list” of family and friends who (in short order) would NOT be speaking with you! 

Starting a business today means essentially three things: 1) create something OR find one or more companies to affiliate with (need help in this area? talk to me!)   2) brand yourself as one who can provide value   3) get the word out! 

If you follow my posts, you’ll see that’s my approach! I’d like to share a few thoughts with you in my video below on the issue of branding yourself and providing value. 

Oh, and its going to be a busy week. I have ski instructor training (wish me luck, at 54, I’m not at all certain I will “make the grade” for what they expect!) – its a full day commitment that will be the first time in years where I’ve had to “work” for a full day! (Yeah, I can see your heart is crying for me!) I’m also dealing with a “challenge” that came up in my RV this morning… the refrigerator quit! Yup, it survived 108 degree afternoons in Texas all summer, but now in late-Autumn here in the Colorado mountains, the refrigerator has tossed in the towel! At least I can leave some food outside to keep it cool! 


Steamboat – early season

Lastly, on a business note – Send Out Cards is picking up as we approach Christmas… check HERE to see why. 

YouTube Preview Image

As always, I welcome hearing from you and if you’re “meeting me” this way – hey, pick the phone up and call me! (561 676 1205)

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