I’ve shared pics…but now allow me to give you the GRAND TOUR…

Went through some stormy weather... got caught up in life and didn’t post (or email) for a few days. Hey, we all go through cycles. Now, I’m looking forward towards a week where I’ll ski at least twice and possibly 3 times – if I go tomorrow, it’ll be spring conditions; Wednesday and Thursday – FRESH POWDER!! (Probably at least 8 inches). Nice life, eh? 

My goal this week? To implement my new marketing campaign – we have a great L-arginine formula and I started a campaign on Facebook – let me know what you think of what I’m doing… 

take a look here and give me some feedback! 

“His FIRST heart attack was his LAST”

Additionally, I started listening to Dani Johnson again. Why did I ever stop?! She has a members only area that she charges five bucks a month for and its just an incredible value… hundreds of inspirational and informational audio posts. Some spiritual; some secular. All worthwhile! 

So, between Dani’s audios and my new marketing campaign – inspired by last weeks events… I decided to share my abode with you and give you the two cent (ten cent?) tour. Hey, let me know what you think! I welcome your thoughts on my lifestyle. Since acquiring my “travel home”, I have driven over 5000 miles; covered about 20 states; and now camped out near the BEST skiing – probably on the planet. 

Grand Tour of my Traveling Home

With a little spare time to kill this afternoon, I turned the video camera on inside the RV, and I walk you through my home – heck, if for no other reason than perhaps some of you want to do the same some day. From here, when the snow begins to melt, I have my eyes on higher altitude…not quite sure where yet – could be Bear Lake, Utah; Moab, Utah; the San Juan’s of Colorado… or perhaps all 3. I’m aiming to be in Dallas in July – no, i’m not crazy… you can ask me whats up there (and NO, its not a networking convention!) and I’ll freely share. 

So, hopefully you watched my video and enjoyed it. Feel free to give me some feedback – here or like it to FB.

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  1. Winston says:

    I like the lifestyle you portrayed. I hope to see you out on the road one of these days.

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