Long work hours… not good for your health

Yes… We ARE as a nation killing ourselves – over what?


Many may know that I’m “growing” a blog on Heart Disease Risk – it is all about sharing the latest research and findings on the #1 killer in our nation today.

Most of the time, my posts “over there” do not relate (directly) to what we talk about over here. What is it we talk about over here anyway?! 

Anyway, I digress.. today’s post on my Heart Disease page is all about the health risks of working overtime – specifically your risk of a heart attack goes up when you work more than an 8 hour day – according to the research your risk is raised upwards of 80%! 

time freedom

The American Eagle – A symbol of Freedom (image courtesy valerie everett)

Reflecting on MY morning…

Y’know, there is something to be said for waking up early in the mountains outside of Albuquerque – I’m at 6500 ft. elevation. It was 42 this morning when I rolled out, made breakfast, and checked emails. Now, I’m at a local coffee shop, called Coffee at Dawn (in Cedar Crest, NM – a great little place really – if you stop by, bring your own cup!) Why do I paint this picture? Well… working too many hours causes stress – all kinds of stress – you can read more about THAT on my heart disease page. (As for me, I have not had a “j.o.b.” (just over broke) in 7 years. 

Why now? 

Well… in case you hadn’t noticed, the economy ain’t good! And… as prices of “staples” go up (food is up 20+% by some estimates; gas is up 100+% in the past 3 years; electric and heating oil are up as well. What does that all spell? LESS discretionary income! So, what do many do? Go out and get ANOTHER job, give up MORE of their precious time and still find that they just barely “make ends meet.”

The solution…

Most view getting a 2nd (or 3rd) job as a solution. Not only does this result in trading one of the most valuable things you have (your time) for something of far less value (some money), now we see it is causing stress – and could lead to an early grave. So, from my view – this is NOT a solution! 

Some of you know where I’m heading… the ONLY answer is to “work smart – not hard”, but that sounds like a pitch line doesn’t it? So, lets look at it another way – and lets consider what the rich know that most of us don’t… 

Ever hear the phrase “it takes money to make money”? Well, that IS true, but what most don’t realize is that it doesn’t take MUCH money to produce a residual income stream.

And when you are willing to risk SOME money, IF you do it right, you WILL generate “cash flow” that is based upon residual income (often with leverage.) You know, its funny, I was in a Wells Fargo the other day and they actually had a poster up that referred to generating cash flow through their bank. While this is true – frankly the rates they will give you will NOT even generate enough cash flow to outpace inflation – which is another issue you MUST consider… if you leave your dollars “alone”, they will slowly devalue. That is, you lose purchasing power. Think of it this way – if you took $10 in 1980 and left it under your pillow and went to spend it today, will it buy as much as it did in 1980? The clear answer is NO. Why? Inflation has devalued your money.

This is why the rich take the cash produced in their “cash machine” and then invest it in other assets (real estate; land; commodities including silver and gold; other business ventures, etc.) that in turn produce MORE passive income

So, I don’t have wads of cash, whats available for “me”? 

Well, you *could* get started with a “network marketing” company – but – I caution you – most are outright scams now and the few that are not (i’m “in” 2 that passed my filters), WILL require some effort to grow a business. I would be lying to you if I made it sound simple and instant – it is not – BUT – if you put forth the time, it is well worth the effort! And…if you want to know what I’m excited about, just read some of my other posts – or look at my cardio or promptings button. 

Remember, the key is time freedom – and the only reasonable way to achieve it is with enough cash flow to negate the need for a 2nd (or 3rd job.) As you’ll see in my heart disease risk article, working those extra hours could cost you! My parting comment to you today is to encourage you to *do something* – that is take action.

How to proceed…

Not sure how to proceed? That is the value I bring to the table. I encourage you to contact me and let’s talk – get to know each other and build a bridge. If you then feel comfortable, and wish to allow me to help you chart a path, it will be my honor to do so. 

Alan Sills


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  1. Mike Dodd says:

    Hey Alan,

    Once again a really well thought out blog with lots of great content, and touching on something that is truly dear to myself and my wife, her father suffers from heart issues and we know first hand just how scary it can be for the whole family. It is becoming ever more apparent in the world that we are all living in today that we need to take the time to slow down and smell the roses, and yes, if you find a good solid program that will allow you to put your money to work for you, then you need to do what you can to leverage it.

    Your avid reader :D,


  2. Alan Sills says:

    Thanks Mike, it is becoming a true passion of mine to share both heart disease risk info and honest, ethical options for creating cash flow.

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