Marketing Your Business…A Few Thoughts

In these challenging times, business professionals know that Marketing is where you “make it or break it”. Think about it – most businesses are running on razor thin margins with little room for error in their marketing decisions. Whether your bread and butter is coming from customers, clients or patients – the reality is, in many situations it is easier and more cost effective to generate repeat business from existing clients and referral business from your clients than to attract new business through advertising.

My goal is to provide you with top solutions designed to help you build relationships with existing clients and in turn your referral rates – as well as – help you to understand the “New Media”. The New Media, also known as Internet Marketing includes social media marketing, pay per click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO).

In this video, I share a bit about each area and offer just a bit on how to get started. Additional postings will share much more detail as my goal is to provide YOU with the utmost VALUE when you visit my blog.

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