MidPoint Cafe, Adrian, Texas – midpoint along Route 66

midpoint cafe adrian texas today

Midpoint Cafe in Adrian, Tx – check slide show below for more!

Yesterday I visited the Midpoint Cafe, an icon along Rt. 66 since the 1930’s. I had the opportunity to speak with Dennis, the new owner, and learn a bit about the history of the cafe. As you study my photos, you’ll see the current dining room and in the distance a small room which serves as the gift shop. When originally constructed, the gift shop WAS the dining room! Perhaps it could seat about a dozen people at most!

The Midpoint Cafe is so named as it is 1139 miles from Chicago (the eastern end of 66) and Santa Monica (the western end). As you can see from the photos (of photos) along the interior wall, the cafe has undergone many changes in the 80 years since it opened! In fact, one picture – with a caption under it shows “year ??” and perhaps you can help solve a mystery. Can you identify the year and possibly the make of the car in the photo that I’m referring to? If so, please post in the comments section below.

As I have shared before, I have to keep reminding myself “you’re not on vacation!” In fact, when people ask what I do, I simply tell them, I earn my living “on the road” and help others to do the same. Simple, eh? So, while I enjoyed a western omelet at the cafe (it was good and filling), I was “at work” on my laptop.

My lifestyle has enabled me to have many unique, perhaps once in a lifetime experiences, and I’m honored to be able to share them with you here. I have much more coming in the next few days. I am compiling some video that I recorded over the past 3 months and have yet to share. I’d like to make each post as meaningful as possible…so, please do bear with me.

The feeling I had while eating breakfast at the cafe is one I’ve had at a number of smaller, more intimate cafes before along Rt. 66… it is a sense of history. I’m a bit of a U.S. History buff and appreciate the changes our nation has undergone from the post WW II era, through the turbulent 60’s, where I was a young child, to the 70’s when “everything changed” (and I graduated high school) to the past 30 years.

Dennis and I conversed about the “Mother Road” and as it turns out, we both met Angel, the barber who is the unofficial Mayor of Rt. 66. Angel, from Seligman, Az. is credited with starting the “historic 66” move in 1987. Angel cut my hair in 2004 when I was traveling through Seligman in a Class C motorhome and I considered myself fortunate as he was getting on at that time and I didn’t know if he would still be with us if and when I returned to Seligman. I was pleased to learn that at least as of a few months ago, Angel, who must now be well over 90 years old, is still alive and cutting hair in Seligman!

These are the kind of stories that light up the “Mother Road”. After leaving the Midpoint Cafe yesterday, I drove east through Vega – perhaps I will share some photos of the route along the way to Amarillo. Unfortunately, most of it is a slice of America that is long gone and slowly decaying away. Buildings long ago abandoned and such. There are “points of light” along the way however, like in Adrian, Texas where entrepreneurs like Dennis (actually he is a wastewater management engineer by trade) who have a vision and plans to continue the growth of Route 66 so future generations can experience just the slightest taste of a day gone by in our nation.

Look for more soon – I hope you enjoyed this. If so, please do leave a comment below and/or share and like the post.

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  1. Brad says:

    So, Alan, what did you decide about Verizon? The radio shack rep told me yesterday unlimited is for 3G only! Cool pics. Thx for sharing…

  2. Al says:

    brad, do me a favor, try to keep conversations “on topic” – i’ll reply here but I’m keeping your comment “un posted” as it has nothing to do with my blog post. to answer your question, i just ordered the galaxy s3, mostly ’cause its blue. 😉

    ok, ok, yeah, it also keeps me on the unlimited plan; people have until 6/28 to make a decision

  3. Russell L. Hibler says:

    Hi Alan
    Soon after I lost my job in the Norfolk Navy Yard.
    I was on my way to the west coast, by way of my childhood home one hundred miles south of
    Chicago, Il.
    We travelled Rt. 66. I have told you in a previous letter about being stopped in snow one night
    On a high Mesa in the four corners area.
    What I started to tell you before I veered of the track was this.
    While traveling thru Texas, we use to say.
    The sun has rise and the sun has set and we ain’t out of Texas yet.
    Hib. What is a capcha code? is it

  4. Al says:

    Russell, thanks for your thoughts here! Capcha code is just an “internet thing” to insure you’re a human entering a post and not a “bot” (a machine). Texas is a VERY long state; once I entered in Orange, Tx (eastern end on I-10) and the sign for El Paso showed 890 miles ahead! (western end)! I’m in amarillo, and heading for dallas… fortunately, I do not need to be there until July 24. So, I got time!!

  5. Brad Fuller says:


    I have fond memories of RTE 66. I travel part of it from Texas to California when I was in the Navy in 1965. Watched most of the RTE 66 TV shows. I like stopping at places like Mid Point Cafe. I will look for more of your posts.


  6. Al says:

    Thanks Brad! Rt. 66 is an American icon and lives on!

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