This chart and its “message” took my breath away…

Alarming… That was my initial reaction – allow me to explain why…



(click the chart to see a larger image)

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As you can clearly see, we have increased our money supply “32 fold” in less than a century – and “4 fold” or 400% in just the past 6 years. If our currency (dollars) were shares in a company – and in a way they are, this action HAS to make each dollar worth less than before. Again, as I stated in my video, I’m NOT an economist, but, it sure does not seem like there are any GOOD outcomes to this situation. If you feel otherwise (or agree with me), please do feel free to post in the “reply” section below this post.


Is this why food prices outside of the US have skyrocketed?

I’d say, at least in part, yes. And… consider the implications of what will happen when other nations begin to trade in other currencies than the US dollar? What will this do when the dollar is no longer in strong international demand?

The answers to those questions paint concerns for the future

At least in my mind they do! Now again, I’m not an economist, but seeing this chart and understanding the basic implications, I have strong concerns.

I know one thing for certain…

We can’t count on our elected representatives in Washington to address this. The problem has been growing for years and no one (in either party) has had the guts to say “hey… what about this??) So… its up to you and I to prepare ourselves and our families for whatever may come our way. As Americans, we STILL have a “streak of independence” in us and we CAN do what we need to do – if we understand what may be coming our way – and why the way things have been for much of our lives… may be changing and changing significantly. 

My actions…

  • Food Storage – (click here and scroll down this post to see what I chose as my “food company” – and – what I’ve done for water filtration (does it just make sense…”in case”) – consider it a hedge against inflation AND in case distribution channels experience disruptions (Do not be a victim of the “normalcy bias” (click link to learn more)
  • Keep your earnings in the form of REAL assets – if you’re serious about this, contact me and I’ll refer you to “my guy” at Monex (you can research who they are, but when you go through my contact, he has assured me, you’ll get the best price; plus I’ll share what I prefer in the world of silver and gold) – A thought: Gold and Silver have had REAL value for THOUSANDS of years…now some would have you believe that has changed. Does that perspective make any sense to you? I have a video coming out soon that will illustrate the point. Look for it!
  • Earn as much as you can – but then refer to the point raised above! My plan? Since I “earn on the road” – for me its the concept of “earn from anywhere” that matters, and here is THE solution I’ve found –Making the world just a little better by expressing gratitude and kindness
send out cards

Act on a prompting, express gratitude – send a heartfelt message today – and perform a true act of kindness!

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  1. Laura says:

    Last year was the 100th birthday of the Fed. The quantitative easing that was put in place pumps $85 billion per month into the stock market. That’s money created out of thin air.

    Yes, you’re right, it’s not a guess anymore, fractional reserve banking is alive and well and diminishing our dollar quickly and prices are going up.

    My thinking is that the Fed , in cahoots with the U.S. Treasury Department, have already come up with some kind of alternative currency if/when the dollar collapses.

    Money isn’t just currency anymore either, it’s a commodity.

  2. Alan Sills says:

    Good points, however if the treasury dept. intends to release a new currency – one has to ask WHAT will back that currency? AND what will the exchange rate be for turning in the old currency for new currency.

  3. Laura says:

    There’s nothing backing it now and unless BRICS can outthink the U.S., then we might not see any change at all. In the meantime, I keep very little money in the bank (less than 100 dollars) and have been slowly introducing myself to the local farmers here so we can trade at least some of the things we need. If we all did this, we could make the existing system irrelevant.

    What happened in Cyprus can very easily happen here, but I’ve gotten past my fear that we won’t have any money with which to buy what we need.

    History has taught us nothing it seems. Cicero had faith all through his life that his beloved Republic would be restored, , but it never happened. Yet today we keep trying to restore our own Republic using the same thousand year old methods that created it…isn’t that the very definition of insanity?

    People all over the globe have had enough, but in their frustration resort to killing one another. I believe it’s time to allow an entire Cultural shift. If we can just start the conversation.

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