Much Thanks to Give…

Just a few thoughts to share this Thanksgiving morning…

Opening day at Steamboat 11/21/2012

I’ve been on the road for nearly a year now, I lost my dad just over a year ago. I thank him for the sense of independence and confidence he gave me.

That spirit has sustained me throughout my life – both when I lived in NJ and made my way through the minefield of the education world, to the experiences and challenges I have had in my 13,000 miles traveled over the past year.

I am now in Steamboat Springs, spending the winter at  7000 ft. Already had one night reach 0 degrees and have succeeded at preparing for winter here in the Colorado mountains.

My travels have presented me with challenges, high points, new friends and building relationships with old friends – all over the nation.

I thank Him for all this and more. Business has been good and continues to grow. I am blessed to be able to mentor and support others – many who need to generate income as they have run out of other options – so, I help them “step out of the box” and make it happen. 

As we all prepare to “pig out” today, consider your own blessings; think about what you DO have to give thanks for; and think about how to prepare for the upcoming year. 

I want to thank you for reading my posts AND for sharing them with others as you have. I’ll close today by sharing a link to my heart disease risk blog – one where you can truly be a blessing to others if you “possess the knowledge” – watch it BEFORE you eat your big meal today…

Sudden Cardiac Arrest – Would YOU know what to do?


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