One in Three suffer and die from this – and it does NOT have to be YOU…

Locating myself in a super healthy area like Steamboat for the winter has really focused me on a mission to “get the word out” about heart disease, heart disease risk, and the related conditions (stroke, heart failure, etc.) In fact, I even created a blog just for this topic – called Heart Disease Risk.

As a ski instructor and avid skier, I have the opportunity to work with a large number of people. Some are others as myself, avid skiers, others are “weekend warriors” who come to Steamboat to get away from their day to day lives.

heart disease risk

it really DOES rock out here!

My role here confirms what I already knew: If you lead a healthy lifestyle, your odds of living an active life greatly increase throughout your life. You see, our ski school has SEVERAL “octogenarians” (folks OVER 80), and you should see them ski!

I know for myself, at 54, after 2 months of “intensive” training, I feel like I’m 18. Just today, I got off the slopes (7 inches of fresh snow by the way!) and feel strong, even after pushing myself to ski about 6 “black diamond” runs in a row – and I mean REALLY ski them, not just “get down them.” Oh, and did I mention that they were TREE RUNS primarily. That means, if you make a mistake, you may find yourself in a tree well or worse!

Now, what about my students? Well, they have ranged in age from 14 to 70. Some are in good condition, many are not. I just spent two weekends working with a 43 year old man who is finding out that 25 years of “lying around” has left him out of shape – the good news is, he is open to getting back into shape. And even in one week, he is much better. Last Saturday, he was ready for a body bag by 2pm!

Activity and conditioning is important, but it is not everything. A good diet certainly helps and from a book I read a while back, I try to stick to “God made foods” and NOT “man made foods”. But… there is one more step –

Being a chemist, I know the importance of supplements. NOT the “typical vitamin” supplements that simply make expensive pee; but the kind that can make a difference. Those are few and far between – but – the good news is I’ve found one.

It is called Cardio Protogen, is made by a company called Good Life and contains Arginine. The video below shares my thoughts on arginine, the company I am recommending to you and the arginine product they produce – essentially answering why arginine and why Cardio Protogen. If you like what you hear, contact me (561 676 1205) to see about ordering Cardio Protogen and/or becoming part of our distribution network and profiting with us (there IS a real pathway to becoming a distributor with $0 investment in the ‘opportunity’ – I hate those $299 and $399 “distributor fees”, don’t you?!)

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arginine and heart disease

Arginine and You – stick around a while to enjoy places like Steamboat! (click to learn more)

 To order Cardio Protogen directly – please click HERE; the banner above will bring you to a page that shares more about Arginine, Dr. Ignarro, and Good Life International.


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