Personal Growth is NOT an Option – you gotta do it!

Personal Development and Growth is VITAL at this time! 

I was at a local business networking meeting this morning here in West Palm Beach. As I listened to Barbara, our local “personal development” business owner give her “30 second elevator pitch” this morning, I heard an urgency and passion in her voice that was not there prior to today. You see, she did something that I have not heard before, but it was high time it was said.

You often hear personal development folks promoting the importance of having your head in the right direction to keep you in the game (assuming you are in business). Jim Rohn, for example was a great speaker and motivator that helped people to learn how to be and think like an entrepreneur. He has many amazing videos posted on youtube and any time you’re wondering why you’re “doing all this”, you should watch virtually any of his content!

Ok, back to Barbara, her urgency was based upon our shared and common vision that time is running short. Her message was simply this: Are you prepared? And will you plan your actions or simply react when events happen – events that we as Americans can not imagine as really happening. What will you do when Europe collapses? How will it impact YOU? Will you be prepared? What about when unrest reaches America’s cities? (Oh wait… its already here! Have you heard of what has been going on in lower Manhattan in NYC for the past 2 weeks??) Are YOU doing what you need to do now to be ready?

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When it comes to personal growth…
A recent program I discovered – “Igniting the Compound Effect” with
Darren Hardy – Editor of Success Magazine… in his own words…

Igniting the Compound Effect is a 12 week journey that will help you
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I reviewed what Darren has produced and decided to support his efforts
to bring this to you.

Here is what I see: The time to ACT is now. To act effectively, you need to be armed with the right (and best) information. Are you preparing? What does that mean? To me, it means this:

– A passive income stream that is not reliant upon business in only one nation
– A personal supply of food and water (see the right side to a link for Wise Foods and a deal you won’t find elsewhere)
– Are you ready for the possible collapse of the currency? Have you taken the necessary steps? (see my posts here pertaining to gold and silver!!!)
– Did I miss anything? Well, I’m not going to mention *that* here.

Contact me privately to discuss what I’m doing in each of the above areas. In the meantime, have a look at the compound effect.

To a prepared future with the right mindset,

Alan Sills

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