Preparing for winter (bet you’ve never seen anything like this before!)

Preparing for Winter in an RV is quite an experience! 

I am posting this as I believe some might find it interesting – and it certainly provided a “release” for me this past week! 

It started with simple stuff like heat tape and foam insulation on the water hose. Then I outfitted the windows inside with bubble wrap that rests between the shades & the windows providing double to triple the R-factor insulation otherwise. 

The big project involved the purchase of 8 – 4 ft x 8 ft 2 inch thick insulation boards called “blue board”. They “seal” the underbody of the RV and prevent cold air from surrounding it. The idea is to make it more comfortable inside AND to use less propane. Which … thanks to a deal with Ferrell Gas, I’m purchasing for well under $2.00/gallon! (Contact me if you are traveling by RV and plan to settle somewhere cold for the winter – I will refer you to my contact and get you the same deal I got.)


The holidays are coming – Send someone special a heartfelt message today!


You can see in the photos to see exactly what I’ve done – and – Mother Nature was kind to me! You can see the boards cut to fit and held by pressure, stakes and gorilla tape!

I did all this work on 3 days where the average afternoon was 65; and now that it is done, 2 days after finishing, today temperatures remained in the low 20’s (during the day!) and tonight its going to be NEAR ZERO!! (And that is NOT zero Celsius – its zero Fahrenheit!)

You can see the job partially done in the first few photos then my work upon completion; the photos with snow on the ground were taken about 24 hours after finishing and a period of high winds (up to 40 mph) – and I’m pleased to say – my work has stood the test! 

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  1. Rob Laner says:

    Nice Job Alan! Gorilla tape or not…let’s see how it holds up to repeated low temps and how “sticky” it really stays.

  2. Alan Sills says:

    absolutely – i noticed the gorilla tape holds well to itself, i have thought about running one or two runs of gorilla tape around the whole thing, but … i am also waiting for the first significant (5″ or greater) snowfall, at which time I will bank snow up against the insulation and pour water on it – i figure that will make it bullet-proof until spring!

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