Salt Lake City and sooo much is going on…

So much has been going on! I’m here in the SLC Valley. Attended a POWERFUL Send Out Cards “Recruiting Mastery” event; met some great new people there and in the area; and well… to be honest…I’m waiting for the darn SNOW to arrive! Salt Lake City is home to some of the BEST skiing in the world… and I’m only about 45 minutes from Alta. Considering where I grew up, I was 45 minutes from Vernon Valley, NJ, I’d say this is an improvement! However… they need snow, big time!

Anyway, I will have more pics posted soon; a few more stories; and … I want you to know that business is growing on TWO fronts – Send Out Cards changes are powerful…and will impact many many people. Good Life with Hair of the Dog is growing virally. I created two videos recently – one addresses the changes in SOC – you can see it below. The other is a recording of a recent webinar where I detail what you need to do to truly succeed in network marketing (well, its a start… I will be speaking much more on this subject soon, real soon!) You can see the recording of that webinar here – I actually condensed it to 27 minutes so you get “just the meat”!

Ok, for those of you who are even THINKING about Send Out Cards… you should see this ’cause what Kody has done WILL grow his company from UNDER 100 million to NEARLY 1 billion dollars in volume in (most likely) a year or two – possibly less. It is a model that has been proven in the past to work and has been adapted to SOC.

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