Send Out Cards – it just makes sense…

Well, as expected the rats are all crawling out of the woodwork!

As times get tougher, I see more and more scams (read: crap) being offered to folks who are having a tough enough time without someone trying to fleece them!

I gotta be honest, when I see people being offered some (most) of the nonsense out there, I get downright angry. Where did common sense go??

So, it leads me to Send Out Cards who has updated their presentation (and I believe they have done a GREAT job explaining who they are and what they do).

In short, my “filters” for evaluating any “business opportunity” are simple: Is the product or service I’m looking at something that folks WANT and WILL PURCHASE and is it PRICED to compete in the “open market”? What this means to me is – WE all have choices. We can go to a local store, local mall (well not me, there is no mall here!), or shop online (Amazon, etc.) – if I am going to bring something to you, I believe it HAS to complete with other vendors like the ones I’ve named. Make sense?

Towards that end, watch this video and YOU TELL ME – does Send Out Cards meet my filters?

Got 4 minutes? then watch this!


If you agree from the above video, I invite you to go here and try it out! Send a card and learn how the process works (watch the “our products” video).

Know anyone who EVER sends cards (or needs to)?

  • Ever send a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or holiday card? 
  • Are you (or do you know someone) in a business that SHOULD be THANKING their customers (clients, patients) for their patronage? (Remember – it increases RETENTION and REFERRALS!
  • Wants to SAVE money and NOT pay the stores $3 for a name brand card that is not the perfect card anyway?!

Click the banner below to learn more…

send out cards

Act on a prompting – send a heartfelt message today.

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  1. Mark Cohen says:

    Hi Alan,
    I am new to SOC and just found some of your You Tube Videos and YOU ROCK!
    They are fantastic… what a great Ambassador you are. I would really like to meet you at an event.
    I am trying to learn Picture-plus….is it based on a popular photo editing software (photoshop elements, picture publisher etc). Do you know of a good study book that would help me learn how to use this software?
    Again thanks again for sharing the SOC story with the world…
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Mark Cohen
    Boston, MA
    617 633-7555

  2. Alan Sills says:


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