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I’m not in the habit of writing curated posts on my blog, but I read an article on Harvey Organ’s Blog (a gentleman who writes a daily synopsis of all known action in gold and silver – and has done so for many years. 

On his blog, he includes articles that are well, quite frank, direct and informative. Saturday morning Harvey posted and one article in particular caught my attention. 


The title? 

This move in gold and silver will look spectacular

You’re welcome to click the link above and read the article for yourself, but if you want the “executive summary“, read on…

Egon von Greyerz, founder of Matterhorn Asset Management (in Switzerland) is expecting a “mind boggling ascent” in gold (and silver). 

Price targets? $4500 / oz. for gold and $150 / oz. for silver.

He claims we should expect moves in silver of several dollars PER DAY and gold of $100./day. 

Why? The Fed’s policy to “quantitative easing” – QE III is a “done deal” in his view. 

Audio interviews that support this perspective can be listened to here.

In another article, Harvey Organ himself was interviewed by the Silver Doctors

In his article – which you can listen to on the page – Harvey discusses three important topics

  • The tremendous physical shortage of silver – and its implications for the paper markets
  • The likely role the Fed will play prior to the election now that Romney has stated he plans to fire Bernanke
  • The possibility of returning to a gold standard as the Republicans are now calling for as a possibility in their platform

These are MAJOR issues and WE need to stay on top of them. 

Recently, I gave you a link to the EVG group – which can serve as a valuable source of information.

One last thought – if you are not yet doing this – 

  • Getting physical silver and gold – again NOW is the time to act (and you may have already missed the best prices) – for anyone who is looking to make a significant purchase, I do have a personal contact at Monex. Reach out to me and I’ll give you his info.

Bonus audio – Gerald Celente with a powerful analysis of world events…

Bonus video – Ron Hera “Silver is massively undervalued” –

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