SNOW in Colorado! A view from my RV…

Here it is!! My first day in Steamboat Springs, Co. and look what’s happening!!

This is the view from within the Campground and from my RV itself.

Hmmm…. x-country skiing in OCTOBER tomorrow (or later this evening??)

The shot with the bus in it is where you can get a FREE ride to town (about 2 miles) or the ski mountain (6 miles) – I will not have to use my truck at all to get around!!

The shots with just a little snow (the first 3) were taken at 1pm; by 2pm it looks like a real snowstorm!! The bridge leads to a tenting area – and a spot to practice my “skinny ski” techniques – perhaps as early as early tonight!!

Forecast update… they are expecting 7-14″ before this storm ends…and highs tomorrow in the 20’s … I WILL be cross country skiing!!

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