Some thoughts on silver and gold – and – pitfalls to avoid

I remember the first time I purchased silver. I had a ton of questions – buy silver mining stock? An “ETF”? Silver bullion? Silver collectibles?

how to buy silver and gold

I set about doing what I always do when I am about to make a major purchase – I did some research.

This time it was different however. It was not like deciding what truck to buy, or even what RV; you see, I was considering “commodities” as a way of preserving wealth. You see, I have done lots of research and I believe our currency – the U.S. dollar is at great risk, and if I am right, silver (and gold) will rise in value against a collapsing dollar.

My concerns stem from an understanding that no “fiat” currency has EVER survived much more than 40 years and our dollar became a fiat currency in 1971 when our nation abandoned the “gold standard”.

My video below picks up from here – and provides you with *specifics* to consider – what TO do and what NOT to do!

After reviewing it, I welcome your thoughts – and be sure to read my “offer” below the video.

YouTube Preview Image

Now…if you’re thinking, “Al, this all sounds great but where am I going to get the money to even purchase some silver?”, I want you to click HERE right now and connect with me.

Want access to one of my “secret sites”? One of my best sources for information is Harvey Organ’s blog.

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