Starbucks, return coffee drinkers, and YOU

I’ve got some thoughts for you today (gee…thats rare for me, eh?)

I was thinking about relationships, repeat business, and retention and YOU can see my thoughts here…

And I will tell you this – what I reveal in the video below are insights (with perhaps a hint of wisdom) that may be considered the “secret sauce” in earning a SOLID, STEADY, and REAL living online!

YouTube Preview Image

Now, if my thoughts resonated with you, you can access the companies I named and get more info here…

send out cards

Send someone a heartfelt message today in the most unique and personalized way possible!


A special bonus video from Lake Vallecito (actually high above Lake Vallecito)…

YouTube Preview Image

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  1. Wayne Thomas says:

    Good video I have not forgot you.

  2. Alan Sills says:

    nor have i wayne! and thanks!

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