Steve Jobs, Fran Tarkenton, and self-reliance

Steve Jobs, Fran Tarkenton and self-reliance. I have heard of late that we are now in the “age of self-reliance”. After reflecting upon that statement – which I’ve heard and broadcast myself, I believe it to be wrong. This nation was founded upon self-reliance. For those who truly understand the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution (yes, they’re made to go hand in hand – one is built upon the other), our nation was founded upon equal opportunity NOT upon “equality of outcome” (words like “spread the wealth” are poison to my ears – at least when it is done by the government!!) Americans have always been a generous people – when a  man is hurting, shame on his fellow man if he fails to rally support for him.

Who are your heros? When I was growing up, I saw the assassinations of JFK and MLK within 5 years of each other – and I was only 5 and 9 at the time of each event. At the time, and even since then, I have viewed them as men of great stature, wisdom and vision. Flawed? Sure. No one in 2000 years who has walked this planet could be termed as “perfect”… but worthy (in my mind) of calling them “heros”. Likewise for Steve Jobs, I count him among my heros for having the vision to see “what could be” (JFK’s words!) and then to act upon it – if only from his garage! In the end, we’re all going where John, Martin, and Steve are, but a question you may wish to ask yourself is “What good will you have done while you were here with us?”

Its been over 200 years since Jefferson, Washington, Madison (and others) formed a new nation. Did their legacy last? Nearly 50 years since we lost JFK and MLK, again, did their legacy last? I submit the same will be true of Steve Jobs and others whom I did not name in this essay – perhaps even yourself!

Fast-forward to today. I get “out and about” quite a bit. On the road I find that most people are poisoning themselves – primarily through what they are putting in their brains (although the smoking is not good either!) I’m speaking in particular about the popular music I hear on their radios in their cars. What value is it adding to their lives? My answer would be “not much”! What about personal development? Wisdom and inspiration? Thought provoking discussion? A passenger in my car is likely to hear a great speaker like Jim Rohn or a radio host who (IMHO) speaks the truth and provides actionable information like Glenn Beck (ooops, there goes a part of my readership!) I’m not afraid to stand up and call these men more modern day heros (again to me at least).

Just this morning, I returned from my morning bicycle ride to hear Fran Tarkenton being interviewed on Fox News. I’ve known of Fran from his football days and from a business I previously promoted. Today he was talking about “small business advocacy” and promoting his site ““. As I listened to Fran, I could see adding him to my “hero list” as he talked about much that I agree with – self-reliance and not depending upon the government (you can imagine what I think of many of the useful idiots in the occupy movement! Why aren’t they at work??? Producing? Providing?)

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