The American Dream

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Simply put, you NEED to see this! I firmly believe that 2011 will be a transformative year – some will prosper; some will not. Your first goal needs to be to understand the rules of the game… and this animated video does a GREAT job sharing how our banking system works.

I did not create, produce or in any way generate this…but I wish I had! Feel free to post comments to this – I’d love to hear YOUR thoughts. Lets start a dialogue.

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  2. God only knows how it will be this year
    Pray to him

  3. llc says:

    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  4. nelson says:

    well…its about time!!! I have known about this for a long time and it’s so nice to see that people are responding by creating wonderful videos like this… the short animated film to me is perfect.. it took a dark subject and added is good to laugh during this time of great change and what i like to call the AWAKENING!! JUST REMEMBER, DO NOT LET HATE GET THE BETTER OF YOU..FORGIVE THESE MEN , LEARN AND MOVE ON!!
    join groups and be active we can resolve this peacefully …and i think we will!!!… here is a more detailed look at what is really going on

    Thank you Alan for such a great blog and site!! you the man!!!

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  6. Al says:


    Have you googled this question? In other words, go to and type in “how do I add….” and see what you get back.


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