The deal of the day, and how to AVOID it…

It’s really just human nature, isn’t it?

Everytime there is an economic downturn, the rats crawl out of the woodwork and pitch their deals. Have you fallen for some? I have! And…I learned by getting burned. As recently as this morning, I woke to two new offers for programs with names like “100% commissions paid” (yeah, whatever that means), and “just been paid (dot com)” – makes me want to jump right in! (NOT!)


So, how does one filter all this nonsense?

It begins with a business plan. What are your goals? What is your strategy? What are you comfortable promoting? (And…before you answer that question – you better decide if you have morals and ethics.) I’m reminded of the movie “Billy Madison” with Adam Sandler and the “academic decathalon” held between Billy (Adam Sandler) and Eric. When the question about business ethics came up, he withdrew and if I recall got violent!

Overly dramatic? Sure, but the reality is I’d bet more than 50% (probably way more than 50%) of people in business have Eric’s problem! So, it does not surprise me when I see people promoting crap – with a straight face. Part of it is certainly a learning curve; part of it is the result of a defective compass. So…how do you decide what to consider when companies crawl out of the woodwork to present their “opportunity” to you?

If you have a plan, ethics and morals, and an effective filter, the decisions to be made are easy!

Consider this – we are heading into very tough economic times. Will a $50 bottle of juice or jar of miracle skin creme be “in the cards” for many people? I submit you need to think about what you’re marketing – not only should it be a product or service that provides value, but it should be one that is price competitive and is likely to remain in demand as the world’s economy deteriorates. And…if I’m wrong, and the world’s economy improves, then a good choice for bad economic times will be an even better choice for good ones! 

Beyond the product or service, you need to consider the company – are they “stable” and likely to remain so for years to come? Did you know that over 90% of all home based businesses that startup, fail within 2 years? In fact, some marketers join these companies expecting a 12 – 24 month “ride”. What are they riding? They are riding on YOUR back! Why? Because they are rep #12 and you get to be rep #15000 and by then there is little chance for you to make money – and the whole thing was designed just to make the early (insiders) rich – at YOUR expense. For me, I want NOTHING to do with those kinds of companies…and I’m always amazed at the arrogance of the people who bring these deals to me and are then “offended” when I tell them what I really think! (Hey, I’m from Jersey, I speak my mind!)

So…if you find the right company with the right product or service (and naturally, if you reach out to me, I’ll share what I found that meets my criteria), are there any other considerations and how do you market it? Well, yes, since most of these businesses are built on a “team” concept, you want a sponsor who will truly support you and exhibit leadership. I believe that leadership is a BIG key in the networking industry. Without it, the road is considerably rougher.

Now lets talk marketing – when you speak with me, you’ll find that I support my “primary” with a couple of other programs that in and of themselves are money making opportunities, but my main reason for joining these “other” programs is to use them to promote my “primary”. That is – these additional companies provide marketing support (lead gathering, social media marketing, etc…) Again, ask me and I will get very specific! And…I will help you to get it all moving forward. In fact, my new course, just rolling out (this week?) will address the nuts-and-bolts of “Getting Started”.

My goal this morning was to share some thoughts that can hopefully help you to avoid the “junk” offers out there and learn how to filter all offers to see if they are worthy of your time to consider. Have I achieved that goal? If so, give me some feedback! I’d love to hear from you. I did not want to “pitch” you anything in this message…just offer a few (hopefully valuable) thoughts.

With that, have a great day!


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