The Normalcy Bias – and what it means now to you and I…

Most people alive today in the developed world have NEVER known true hardship – do you agree? 

People are creatures of continuity – “most expect what has been, will always be”

Join me as I explore the Normalcy Bias and these two statements – and you tell me if you feel there is a point to be made here. 

I look forward towards hearing your thoughts and feedback on this (at least to me) most provocative topic.

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the normalcy effect

The Normalcy Effect – AND – having the winter of my life!

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  1. Andrew says:

    Agree entirely. My family has always told me that things can always get worse, I haven’t seen it but I sure do believe it. I most of all of America thinks it can’t get that bad. It’s a shame.

  2. Alan Sills says:

    Like I say in my video Andrew, Americans, just like any other human seeks “normalcy” and ignores signs of trouble. In my opinion we have MORE signs of trouble than in 1936. So… for the few who will listen – it comes down to 1) earning enough $ to make some moves 2) find a safe place to live 3) get the essentials (my posts cover all this over the past few months – and will again). Thanks for contributing! Al

  3. Wayne Thomas says:

    What a wake up call.

  4. Alan Sills says:

    thanks Wayne, 1 thing I feel confident about unfortunately is that few will heed this message

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