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 linkedin for business
When I first decided to learn online marketing, I started to study “web 2.0 social media”. I focused (first) on twitter and built a solid following (now over 12,000 followers). I next turned my attention to Facebook and learned the difference between personal and fan (business) pages. Now I develop custom Facebook business pages and have developed several Facebook “apps”. In order to learn these tools and how to use them effectively, I had to invest in my education. I paid some of the top “guru’s” through courses where at times, over 1000 people were enrolled, and each student paid as much as $500. to gain actionable information.
The third BIG piece of the “social media” world is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is NOT a smaller cousin of Facebook. Yes, there are 750 million (estimated) Facebook users and about 120 million LinkedIn users, but, where Facebook is highly social, LinkedIn is all about business. Are you in business? (ANY kind of business – traditional or home based) If so, you need to have a presence on LinkedIn. When I say you need to have a presence, it does not mean you need to carve hours out of your day “doing LinkedIn”. Even as an Internet Marketer, I believe we all spend way too much time in front of the LCD screen! (The ultimate goal – at least for me – is to build a business on ‘auto-pilot’ and one of my mentors has done just that…want to learn more? Contact me!)


So, why LinkedIn? LinkedIn, as stated is a business to business connecting service. As with everything, the details will tell you much more… (read on for the details AND for access to a GREAT training by Bryan Daly of the Palm Beach Business Connection. This is a group “on the move” – even if you are not located in South Florida, you should consider joining the group (its FREE) – you CAN (of course) connect with the Palm Beach Business Connection through LinkedIn (search my LinkedIn profile or Bryan’s). 


The core to growth of any business is acquiring new prospects.
This occurs in the form of new business or referrals. One way of 
acquiring new business is through LEADS. Would you like 100 
LEADS – FREE – with NO obligation? If so, click here…

When the page loads, watch the 9 minute video (optional) and then
click “join” – you will NOT be asked for a credit card and will NOT 
have to purchase anything. If the developer is anywhere near what
I think he is capable of, you’ll be glad you acted NOW while his 
company is in pre-launch.


So, what did I learn? Well, here is just a little from the session – and again – you’ll be able to see the ENTIRE thing on my youtube channel.

(Thanks to David Steinfeld who asked this question this morning in the Palm Beach Business Connection LinkedIn group)

The power of Linkedin

– tool to increase your presence in google searches

– importance of completing your profile

    – value of using linkedin’s improve your profile tool

    – what to (and NOT to) include in your profile

    – thinking about your profile and infusing keywords to enhance its visibility

– where to position your phone number (and how to get it posted more than once)

– how to get your actual website address to appear (instead of “blog” or “company website”)

– Brian provides tips and tricks for how to merge this ONLINE tool with OFFLINE business building

    – moving from a linkedin connect to a “face to face” meeting

    – channel “WIIFM” (whats in it for me)

– The power of the LinkedIn help center

Ok, ready for the link to Bryan’s (free) training?

Go here:

Look for a 5 video series – starting with “Intro to Ninja Networking with Bryan Daly” and ending with (and this file has the bulk of the training) “LinkedIn 101: An Actionable Training”

**oh, and hey, I’d love it if you like what I’m doing here to write a ‘recommendation’ for me in LinkedIn**

Enjoy, and have a great day,

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