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True Success vs. Network Marketing Scams

So the video I want you to see is over here – BUT FIRST – read this…

When it comes to INTEGRITY or SALESI will take INTEGRITY EVERY TIME.

How about you? 

What am I talking about? Well… let me start here – I am “growing” a Heart Disease Risk blog. No, I am not a cardiologist, or anything like that. But, I *do* have a background in science AND I can read, interpret, summarize, and add value to emerging research – which IS the nature of most of my posts on

Recently, I curated a post about “GMO’s” – genetically modified foods. The bottom line? They are BAD for you (and me). Further, they are in virtually EVERY diet powder, meal replacement drink (which are a FAVORITE of the MLM (network marketing) world now. 

—-OK… stop reading… click HERE (a new tab or window will open) and visit my heart disease risk post, watch the video, THEN come back here.. to continue —

Why? The “professionals” (those who run MLM’s) KNOW that we are becoming increasingly obese – so what do they do? They formulate a “quick fix” (which does NOT work for many ANYWAY.) Meanwhile some great looking guy or girl in their late 20’s or early 30’s peddles this “crap” to the masses and they (literally) eat it up. And I ask, “but at what cost?” Not just in terms of dollars, even more so in terms of long term health risk from things like “soy protein isolate” and “canola oil” (when I learned more about them here, I will most certainly stay away from ever ingesting them if I can avoid it

Now I clearly know when you watch my video posted here, it will clearly upset some folks – particularly those who are cashing in on “the almighty cash cow.” Some, those with integrity, will reevaluate their marketing of these products and find something else to market. There ARE several (well at least a few) MLM’s that do offer real products and services that ARE worth the money they charge; DO offer the “rep” a chance to earn residual income (and yes, leverage); and DO NOT harm the consumer (as I claim these GMO laden products can and DO do harm.)

And…yes, in my video on my heartdiseaserisk page, I DO name names. You can see exactly who I am talking about – and if you are a “rep” for one of these companies, I encourage you to DO YOUR OWN research. Find out what is really in these products you’re promoting and profiting from. 

For me, I will only “peddle” and profit from products and services that I believe to my CORE are safe, legitimate, and of high value. 

And while I’m on the topic of MLM’s that make NO sense at all, especially since I just got “pitched” on one of ’em AGAIN. Please do some research and thinking when presented with a “shiny new idea” – there are people out there peddling over priced coins (paying over $100 for a coin with $30 worth of silver in it), over priced phone services (including a new one for $49/month) and more… please folks – think before you pull out your hard earned money to “join” something “new and shiny”.

Want to know which MLM’s I’m with? Look towards the top of this page and look for my links to “cardio” and “promptings” – I bet you’ll see true value; feel free to contact me and ask me more about why my convictions are so strong about these two companies.

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