Three days and then…

I want to personally thank Carnival Cruise Lines for conducting a study in human behavior recently.

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Now I know what you’re thinking… “Gee, Al, what is your take on the recent Carnival Cruise mess? And…from your brief video above how do you plan to tie this together with the recent developments in Cyprus?” Well, I’m glad you asked!  😉

Three days that’s the amount of time from the backup in the first toilet on the cruise ship to the time civil society on the ship broke down. And this was on a ship where people KNEW they were DEFINITELY going to be “rescued”, their lives were NEVER in true danger, communication between the ship and the mainland was NEVER lost, and food was NEVER at true risk of running out.

Despite all those FACTS, society (on the ship) broke down. I will not go into details here as there are a myriad of reports on what was going on.

The point is – what can we learn from what happened on this cruise ship?

Society is fragile – and – civilization is but a thin veneer

be prepared

Be Prepared

Ask yourself what would happen to society after just 3 days if (and when) a crisis occurs in your community, your state, OUR entire nation??

Yes, experts say help MUST arrive within 72 hours or real trouble begins. New Orleans after Katrina is another “case study” where we see a breakdown in society after just 72 hours.

What if the event is BIGGER than just a city? Could it happen? Or…is it just a matter of time before it does? AND…if so, are YOU ready?

Consider these FACTS:  

  •  In 50 (or so) short years we (the USA) have gone from the worlds greatest lender to the worlds greatest debtor nation. In fact, We are borrowing MORE than any nation in the history of the world has EVER borrowed.
  • The government has purchased 1.6 BILLION bullets – these are NOT for our military- they were purchased for other purposes. WHAT do you think they’ll do with all those bullets?! (remember – there are only 350 million Americans, so, you do the math – 1.6 billion bullets is enough to 5 to “earmark” every person in this nation. (If you link to the source of this info, it is NOT a right wing site, it IS Forbes and the Denver Post)
  • Most food markets have (at most) 2-3 days worth of food. (Are you THAT confident that delivery trucks will NEVER stop running – for ANY reason?!)
  • 28% of the Greek Parliament is now NATIONAL SOCIALISTS (NAZI’s) – considering what happened to Greece in WWII it is AMAZING to see the RISE of what is essentially the NAZI party in Greece…will this contagion spread? 


What if there was an UNEXPECTED EVENT? Would you…

Tip: Treat the following as a “check list” of things to have “just incase”!!

  • Have enough cash on hand to last you and your family for several days? Look at what JUST HAPPENED in Cyprus! Here is an article detailing what is going on – AND – what it means to us (and as they put it – the consequences of having a communist in the White House). There is STRONG REASON to believe that Cyprus is the “tip of the iceberg” for what will spread to the rest of Europe and yes… eventually HERE. It has been MORE THAN 1 week since Cyprus’ banks CLOSED and there is SERIOUS concern over whether there will be a run on the banks – READ THE ARTICLE LINKED HERE – when they re-open. SEE UPDATE BELOW…
  • have food supplies that could last 2-4 weeks (at least) – look for the banner linking to Wise Foods on this page (right side, scroll down!)
  • fuel
  • energy (batteries, solar) – What if your cell phone or computer runs out of juice? – personally I’m still working on this one
  • water – I’ve given this some serious thought. I decided upon the Sawyer PointTwo systemIt is available from Amazon for a moderate fee. It will filter water to 0.02 microns (this gets out almost EVERYTHING) AND… will filter up to 1 million gallons. Best yet, it is very light and takes up almost NO space. It can filter virtually ANY source of water.
  • protection – ‘nuf said? Cheaper Than Dirt (.com)  or Cabelas are great suppliers of “the right stuff”
  • something to barter – anything from cigarettes to silver (I can help you connect with an honest and fair silver and gold dealer)
  • a “go bag” – ready to grab with some (all) of the above?
  • saved money – perhaps money you’ve earned by starting your own businessAsk yourself: WHY do you think I keep hammering this issue! AND…trying to steer folks AWAY from scams and ponzi schemes. Want to know more? Contact me via phone (561 676 1205) OR Skype (alan.sills) and let’s talk.

Have I overlooked something about the subject – be prepared? Got something to contribute? Use the space provided below to comment, reply, whatever…

Let me conclude with this statement: I firmly believe we are IN “uncharted waters”. The stock market bears LITTLE RESEMBLANCE to reality; the FED continues to print money like there is no tomorrow; our nation has not been this divided since… (you fill in the date); and our leadership (ha! WHAT leadership?!) in Washington (BOTH parties) is COMPLETELY OUT OF TOUCH.

Heed my words – get ready – and if nothing happens, so, you’ll have some extra cash on hand, extra food, and a good water filter for your next camping trip!

You agree? I’d love to hear from you on this!

CYPRUS UPDATE 3/28/13: “They’ve Stolen Our Money” – review these two articles. Think it can’t happen here??? If so, keep dreaming! ARE YOU PREPARED??

Read this carefully – some depositors (INCLUDING SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS) will lose 30% (or more) of the THEIR funds in THEIR accounts. HOW will they make payroll? Pay other expenses?? Here is the article:

Banks reopen – BUT – you can ONLY withdraw about $400. U.S. per day AND very little money can be removed from the country! Talk about a TRAIN WRECK – and again – WHAT IF this spreads??

GET FOOD…GET WATER FILTRATION…GET PREPARED – please read the above article and be kind – use the links provided.


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  1. Brad says:

    Always good to hear you – i still think what i thought of years ago when i met you – that you have a unique quality to lead and inspire young people …

  2. Alan Sills says:


  3. Stan Bergman says:

    You are totally correct and on point.
    While there have been many doomsday sellers who were mostly wrong, we were lucky that their warnings did not turn out to materialize. WE WERE LUCKY!!
    It doesn’t hurt to be prepared for the worst. If it doesn’t happen, whoopie!
    But if it does happen and you’re not ready for it, that could become a Life & Death situation, YOURS!

  4. Alan Sills says:

    Stan, you are a wise man!

  5. Gypsy Jane says:

    Rather like having car insurance. You don’t want to need it – but better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

  6. Alan Sills says:

    jane, good point! al

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