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LEADS! What is a lead? Someone who has taken the first step to learn more about your offer –and perhaps you (if you’re smart about it). Why do I phrase it this way? Well, its all about relationships.Here I am in (still warm and humid) West Palm Beach, Florida; there you are, across the street, across thestate, across the nation or 1/2 way across the globe. How do we meet? Through video and the written word.Have you ever read a great book and felt like you knew the author (and perhaps even some of the fictionalcharacters) personally? Marketing is very similar – whether its the local Aflac guy or someone you meetonline, you want, should and need to build a relationship with that person before you turn over any of yourhard earned dollars to them – regardless of the product or service they are offering. Lets face it,there’s lots of Aflac “guys” – so, if you have that service (and no, I’m not here to promote Aflac!),why did you select the person whom you did to get the service?

 leads and traffic

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Let’s return to the formula “traffic + a compelling offer” =
Leads and dissect it a bit. One of the most dynamic areas of
discussion among Internet marketers is the desire to produce
leads through affordable and effective traffic sources. For me,
this has been a combination of PPV and solo-ad marketing. There
are entire courses that have been produced designed to teach you
how to do this…or just check in with me and we can see about
helping you in these areas.

Your compelling offer… think about what you know or what you’ve
learned that you can “turn-key” to others. How? How about an
e-book? a video? These are two very popular and widely used
approaches. An e-book is usually delivered via “pdf” format. You
can create a pdf document for free in many ways. I use “writer”
in “” to complete this task. Videos are another
story. There are many ways – from a webcam to a flip cam to what
I use – the Kodak zi-8. A basic video editor will help you to
prepare the video for final delivery. Youtube is a great service
for enabling you to deliver your video to your audience.

I hope I have given you some food for thought this morning, keep
reading, and feel free to give me feedback! (Parts of this post
will also appear on my blog at and you can offer
feedback there.


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