True or False: Time is Money

You’ve heard the phrase “time is money”… but is
this really true?

The reality is time is not money – time is
infinitely more valuable than money. Time is the
only commodity we have a finite amount of, and
none of us knows just how much time we have. I
spent the better part of the past 6 years living
in Florida caring for my dad. I was living in a
place called “Century Village” – and the name is
quite appropriate…many residents whom I came in
contact with were in their 80s and 90s! More on
this in a moment.

By the way, I’m writing this from my RV in
Helper, Utah. The view from my window is pictured
below…like it? As I write this, its cold and
windy outside. March went out like early summer
(81 on Saturday afternoon!!), and now April
arrived with snow showers yesterday and
temperatures near freezing now – with wind chills
in the teens! I even had to turn the heat on in my
RV (for the first time in about 4 weeks!?)
Strange, huh?

Pams RV Park Helper Utah

Living the lifestyle - a great view from my window this morning









Ok, back to Century Village, well not exactly
since I don’t plan to return to Palm Beach County
for quite some time. But, enough
stumbling…here’s my point. Century Village was
filled with folks who wished they had more time.
I’m sure upon reflection, if most of them knew how
to generate passive income streams instead of
holding a job for 40+ years, giving up 8 or more
hours daily to that job – which barely helped make
ends meet – do you think they’d take action?

I know, I know, some say “well, you’re an
entrepreneur, a risk taker, etc…”, most folks
are not like that. Really? I claim, as an
American, it is in our genes! Who came here from
Europe? Risk takers! Who drew a line with the most
powerful nation in the world (England) and
declared independence? Who pulled up stakes
(sometimes literally) and headed west into unknown
territory? American risk takers!

Get my point? When did we collectively turn into
a nation of timid mice???

I claim we have not. We may have fallen asleep,
we may have taken our eye off the road for a few,
but we ARE up for a challenge!

So, back to the main topic here – “time is money”
— FALSE. Again, time is NOT money…time is
taking their final breath EVER uttered the words
“gee, I wish I had spent more time at work!”

Instead of giving your employer a chunk of your
valuable time in exchange for a SMALL chunk of his
money… those who are independently wealthy have
learned how to make their money work for them –
whether it is through investments, education,
business ventures that produce residual income and
leverage, or the like. One common denominator to
all who are independently wealthy is they put
education before entertainment. Before “that new
set of wheels” or that new 72″ flat screen (I
actually visited the home of one of my students
several years ago when I taught in Paterson – an
impoverished community near NYC – I was struck by
one thing immediately… the TV they had barely
fit in their living room! And… I knew this – no
one – neither parent in particular had a solid,
good paying job. Where were their priorities??!!)

My point of course is not to knock these folks,
in fact I grew to care deeply about this family,
its a product of their culture and environment –
if they knew better, they would take action in a
different direction (well at least most would.)

By the way, I’m eating breakfast as I write this
portion of the post at the Balance Rock Eatery on
So. Main St. in Helper, Utah. A small town that
almost looks like the town that time forgot. I’ll
get some pics soon to share…but for the moment
its just too darn cold outside! (I’m already
adapting to warmer weather, so 35 F with a 20+ mph
wind is COLD! – especially in sandals!!)

So, quoting Myron Golden…”when you figure out
this reality, then you will stop trading your time
– which is infinitely valuable – for money, which
only has limited value. When you trasde time for
money, it is like renting out your life for less
than it is worth. When you rent out your life over
a long period of time, you sell out your family.”

Perhaps you’re “on your way”, you’ve started a
business, you’re doing the right activities, and
you’re beginning to generate some income – great!
Keep it up, and when you “plateau”, just don’t
stop! Life is full of plateaus, and many get stuck
on them. Why? They stop doing the right
activities. On the other hand, perhaps you’re like
most folks – still trading time for money. Then
I’d like to offer you something – no obligation
and its totally free. See where it says “work with
al” at the top of this page? (the direct link is
this: Click
that link and complete the form on that page. I
will get in touch with you and give you a free
consult designed to help you get moving in a
direction that will ultimately produce time
freedom (and the financial resources to enjoy it!)

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Have a great day! I know I will as I explore
Helper, Utah.

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