Two-Thirds of a MILLION…


  • Two thirds of a million Americans LEFT the workforce – NO they’re not looking for jobs; NO they’re not contributing to the tax base; YES many are drawing upon Federal assistance programs (GUESS who’s paying for THAT?! (Source: HERE)
  • Nearly 90 MILLION Americans are OUT of the workforce – This is about as bad as during the (disasterus) Carter Administration – AND as a result of how our government calculates unemployment rates, most of these people are NOT counted as “unemployed” which is why the OFFICIAL unemployment rate does NOT reflect the REAL state of the economy
  • The stock market (Dow Jones Industrials AND S&P 500) recently hit all time highs… signs of GOOD TIMES – or – a Federal Reserve that is injecting 85 billion $ each month?? (how long can THAT go on before we collectively pay the price for this behavior??)
  • Reports are surfacing periodically (see DRUDGE REPORT) of sporadic street violence in our cities AND now citizens with the means banding together to hire private security forces – sound like the America YOU grew up in? 
storm peak

Inspiration from Storm Peak

I share these facts and simply ask this… What are you doing to protect yourself and your family from what’s coming? 

Recently I posted “3 Days and Then…” – I urge you to read it now and consider the reality we now live in. With the latest jobs data (released 4/5/13), one must really consider what it means when 663,000 people (by GOVERNMENT stats) effectively drop out of the “system”. These folks are no longer contributing to the growth of our nation, and in fact are drawing upon its resources. 

AT SOME POINT (if not already) the see-saw has to tilt and we will become a “two-tiered” state – the FEW who have and the MANY who have-not. 

What bothers me is America is STILL a “LAND OF OPPORTUNITY” – a place where YOU and I can “get to work” in our OWN enterprise – building and earning our “slice of the pie”. If this message resonates with you, WE NEED TO TALK – and soon. I am now just about done skiing for the winter and I’m poised to ramp up my own business building activities – will you join me? 

Contact me and lets see if my ideas and direction resonate with you. I can’t know that you are reading this now, so, you have to take the first step – go to the top of this page and look for the “contact me” link. 

Have a great day! 



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