Verizon Preparing to eliminate unlimited data plans?

I smell a rat! Verizon is saying they plan to eliminate unlimited data plans BUT they then say they will allow you to PRE-order the Galaxy S-III (Samsung) now, before the new plans emerge and you get to keep your unlimited data plan!? AND… down the road, they won’t “force” you to move to a 2gb/month plan, but, you’ll have to pay FULL RETAIL for a new phone (that will likely exceed $600. for a smart phone)…so, no more contract discounts for those who are on the unlimited plan?!

Watch my video on this topic – it applies to ALL folks who try to access data, particularly while they are “on the road”. And… after watching the video, I’d like your feedback and thoughts – use the box below to submit your comments. The video should serve as a “launch point” for the topics relevant to this discussion. 

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Again… feel free submit your comments below…

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  1. Brooke says:

    According to the Verizon Website under new plans they offer a 10GB data plan for $80.

    I have been on a family share plan with Verizon since mid 2000, so we were grandfathered in with both smartphones. Ironically enough I also have the Inc2 and was considering an update/upgrade. I was holding out for the iPhone 5, willing to keep my Inc2 until October or whenever it came out. I currently use my Inc2 for internet searches, and also googlemaps and other services when I’m away from my computer, especially since Verizon charges to use their proprietary apps for directions and music. It is a solid phone, but I am noticing a slow-down and frequent crashes or freezes when trying to access apps and services meant for faster phones. It would depend on how you use your phone and your impression of the Samsung versus the other soon-to-be-released quadcore phones. I would hate to choose a Samsung to keep my data packet intact only to regret the decision when a better phone is released later this summer or early in the fall.

    Back to my phone, while I don’t currently use my phone for a lot of data, I like knowing that I’m not going to be charged for going over my data limit if I do decide to stream lots of videos or conduct transactions via phone. I did anticipate being able to do more with my phone upon upgrading to 4G, but I can’t afford $700 dollars for a new phone just to keep my data plan. I don’t know the specs on the Samsung, but as I said before, if I was going to get a new phone, it would either be an HTC/Motorola Droid or the iPhone 5. Maybe if someone provides a good argument for jumping into a Samsung, I might consider it. I would even be more comfortable if they raised the rate of the unlimited plan (like taking it up to $45). Largely, the people who see it as a benefit (the people who pay that $30 per device) may have a different opinion than I do, since I only currently use one device and would feel very uncomfortable having to switch to data packets.

    On Sprint, I think that they still offer the unlimited non-throttled plans for smartphone users, but the network is much smaller and might be useless to people who travel to rural areas of the country where even Big Red loses the signal on occasion.

  2. Al says:


    Great points. I will have to look at the shared $80 plan, however I know for me 10gb is just not enough. I just completed a tutoring session that had to switch to my phone during it (I can only imagine the streaming usage with skype video) as where I am at the moment is quite windy and the campgrounds wifi (i full time it in an RV) is cutting in and out today.

  3. Brad says:

    Use WIFI to surf whenever possible but use tethering for the secure stuff … whatever you invest in now will be obsolete soon … you may have to get creative about accessing the net until the industry shakes out or make the investment and hope for the best!!!

  4. Al says:


    I’m wondering whether Verizon knows something – like in a few months something new will be released that will offer affordable, unlimited (or practically unlimited) data access…and by offering this current program to grab a Galaxy S-III prelaunch – they are locking in lots of folks for 2 years knowing that a cheaper/better alternative is just on the horizon… perhaps something to this?

  5. Brooke says:

    Google has been talking about this internet expansion that’s supposed to happen. Maybe there is something planned to improve the strength and reliability. Or the new quadcore phones are really going to improve the accessibility and flexibility of handhelds to the point of challenging the larger tablets.

    And it might just be a much simpler solution like one of those second tier operators getting ready to launch a larger network, or Samsung has an agreement with Verizon to boost sales, or the other quadcore phones set to launch later this summer will retail for cheaper.

  6. Al says:

    Again, I agree… something is up, and those who jump in now under the duress of maintaining their Big Red unlimited plan, may find sooner rather than later that much more attractive options exist.

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