Want a reliable source of income that YOU own? Blog Curation may just be THE answer.

I have become a believer! I have seen my results in “alexa” and an uptick in my traffic! 

Now you should ask… “in what?” and “why?”

My answer? Blog Curation!

Blog curation is an activity that gives Google *just what they want* – and in return, you get what YOU want. Google wants good content. You want traffic– representing an audience that will be interested in what you have to offer.

What is “blog curation”? It is an activity where you select a “niche” (mine is heart disease risk – see my curated blog here – http://heartdiseaserisk.info), curate for that niche an in turn create content that Google wants to see, and then the fun begins… Google begins to “reward” you with top ranking on key words that highlight YOUR site as a recommended resource.

heart disease risk

For example, my goal is to see Google searches like “how can I reduce my risk of heart disease” show MY pages as a top result. Once that happens,lots of trafficwill be “driven” to my blog.

What then? Monetize it! How? A number of ways. You can learn more here –


Here are some key points:

  • Blog curation will produce a sustainable resource for you that when monitized will produce long term, lasting income (you must learn to do it correctly to get results!
  • Blog curation allows you to OWN your own business (valuable web property)
  • Blog curation is NOT a path to instant riches (but of course, what is?!)

Want to learn more? Check my blog curation video series linked above – and feel free to reach out to me here with any questions.

Oh, and a NEW recommended site – http://buz2buz.com – gain a presence there, grow your business, ALL for free.


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