We are all getting older – and it certainly beats the alternative…

This past weekend really FELT like Autumn here in Grand Junction, Colorado. How ’bout where you were?

There was a “crispness” in the air; color on the trees; and enough sun to enjoy the warmth in the mid afternoon, while knowing it was downright cold early in the morning.

For me, Autumn is a time for preparation – readying for winter – prepping my home and myself. I’d like to share with you today a couple of things that are getting BETTER in my life and may help you as well. In my video message, you’ll learn about “trigger finger” (a close cousin of carpal tunnel syndrome) and how I BEAT it with two really great products. You’ll also learn about a show Dr. Oz recently did – on “silent reflux” – and if you’re like me and 40% of Dr. Oz’s audience, you’ll be VERY glad you learned about this potentially silent killer. So without any further delay, watch the video!

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You can visit Good Life here to review the products that helped me so much in the past few weeks.

muscle penetrating oil

Super oxygenated oil

restore and rejuvenate joints

restore and rejuvenate joints with Joint Protogen

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