Winter in Steamboat – A Recap

Just a few photos from the winter, from my greatest “success story” – Tim and Dor, two students who went from “never ever” to black diamond trails on their 3rd day on the mountain; to my experiences in deep powder, the trees, Don Gore’s 43rd 39th birthday, to Howelson Hill’s 100th Anniversary.

I’m writing this as I chill with my friend Adam at the Roadhouse in Hahn’s Peak. We’re here ’cause on our way to Steamboat Lake – the spot where I plan to move my rig to in a few weeks (around May 1 if the snow retreats enough) – the weather on our drive up today turned from a light (wet) early spring snow (with wet roads) to full-on blizzard with whiteout conditions. We are on our way to the lake, but the Roadhouse looked like a good outpost to “camp” at for a while – especially since I could no longer even separate the road from the surrounding snow fields!

snowed in at the roadhouse

Snowed in at the Roadhouse

I admire Adam as he always is full of surprises. He arrived at ski school two years ago, having never skiied – and yet earned his spot! Today, while we were hanging out – writing, and enjoying the scene, he produced an Alabama license plate and by doing so, earned a free Guinness for his breakfast beer!

Adam Chillin at the Roadhouse

Adam Chillin at the Roadhouse

Things in Steamboat are beginning to show signs of winding down. The mornings are still cold, cold enough to freeze up the ski slopes, by midday, the sun typically bakes the snow into a soft “corn” surface. Some of the pics below are recent – one even has me in shorts on the warmest day yet (about 55 on the hill.)

A few of my friends have already left “the ‘boat” and more will move on by late April – some to the east coast; some to other parts of Colorado; others even to New Zealand and Australia or So. America for adventures – and yes, even more skiing!

The mountain is still 100% open, but you won’t catch me in the trees (probably until next winter!) And, we all feel the changes as Spring began yesterday (not that you’d know it from the scene outside here at Hahn’s Peak Roadhouse! Most days are best between Noon and about 2:30pm. When the really warm weather arrives in April, trails will start to close and all of us will know we are moving onto a new season.

For now, enjoy the photos and sensations of Steamboat…


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  1. Fantastic story and photos – Thanks Alan ! Yes Spring is here 🙂 ! Go !

  2. Cathy Gormanson says:

    We, too, are awaiting spring here in northern Wisconsin. With 3 to 5′ of snow still on the ground, I don’t think our golf season will begin until mid-April at best. Thanks for the story and pics. Always interesting to see what the rest of the world is doing.

  3. brad says:

    hey! It’s really cold hear in Fl! LOL!

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