Internet Marketing: The Art and Science of Earning a Full Time Living On the Internet

Dear reader,

What follows is an outline for the session I will conduct @ 7pm in Ft. Lauderdale on 1.25.10. I hope it proves to be of value to you and I remain available to build on the framework I’m posting here.

Lets begin with a couple of basic rules:

Rule #1: Perform a series of relatively simple actions and you WILL make money

Rule #2: Rule #1 will NOT happen overnight!!


Personal Branding – the art of helping others to get to know you from a distance

Provide Value! – always, always, always!

Create or utilize a sales funnel – more on this as we get into this multi-part training

Ultimate goal: become an expert (in something) and brand yourself effectively

Immediate goals (for this session)

Marketing over the Internet involves the implementation of one or more of the THREE basic strategies:

Social Media Marketing

Pay Per Click

Search Engine Optimization

Tonight we will begin to look at Social Media Marketing – why? This approach is the easiest to implement and requires the LEAST investment of funds to get started

Social Media Marketing “Tools”:








Lets begin with Twitter

a) How to create a twitter account

b) Branding yourself in Twitter

creating a custom background – suggested tool: SnagIt (just one example)

set up your bio

provide access (provide your contact info)

c) How to build a twitter following (without getting red-flagged or shut-down)

… to using automated twitter adding tools (many available tools)


…..building your Tribe and good Twitter etiquette

… to staying on “this side” of the line twitter wants you NOT to cross

d) How to market over Twitter – specifically what to post and how to post – auto posts

e) How to track the links you post on twitter

…..are people clicking on what you post? how do you know?  (

f) a FREE tool to help you manage twitter – managing the information overload that can occur (

g) tying together Twitter & Facebook – use facebook “twitter app”

A few notes about the rest

A preview of our next session

Blogs: The Ultimate Personal/Business Branding Tool

The importance of Blogs; Setting up a Blog; What to blog

Alan Sills

561 676 1205

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  1. Patti Shaw says:

    Hi Alan,

    I’ve been exploring network marketing opportunities and was pleased to find someone in the South Florida area, as I am – though on the other coast.

    I have not yet committed to an MLM, and thought – in the interest of finances, that I should start with affiliate marketing.

    Though I have learned a lot in my research, and am wrapping my head around the concepts, I have yet to put anything concrete into action, and am at a loss as to exactly how to start off.

    I have almost finished Jonathan Budd’s “Top Producer” book, and this had contributed greatly to my understanding.

    Do you have any pointers you can share with me? Will you be attending the “No Excuses Summit” in Las Vegas in July?

    Thanks and have a wonderful day!

    Patti Shaw

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