Mar 14 2013

Critical Thinking…Common Sense…and Home Based Businesses

Straight talk and common sense. THAT is what I’m all about. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired (as heck) of the deceptive marketing that tries to create (superficial) curiosity; stays just within “this side of the line” of promising riches; or in general appealing to our most negative “instincts” – including greed.

Is there a REAL alternative? 

I believe the clear answer is YES. It is what I’m building my online presence upon. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not perfect, and I have made my share of mistakes – but – I make (darn) sure I learn from them! I’m now in a situation where I am VERY satisfied with my life choices and life style (just read a few of my other posts), my income is growing as I continue to promote real and viable products and companies that I believe represent values and value. 

Check out my video message below…

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A view from my front door…

dawn at steamboat

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Mar 06 2013

Winter in an RV in the Rocky Mountains

Spending a winter in an RV can be an experience of a lifetime…

Multiple challenges – sometimes several at once arise when the outside temperature falls to -35F (and then barely crosses zero degrees in the “heat” of the day!) Yes, at times the cold was “biting”, but this campground in Steamboat Springs is in the deepest part of the valley the town is located in and a “temperature inversion” insures cold, dense air collects for much of the “dead of winter”.

the walkway...


Be sure to visit my NEW site dedicated to RV’ers and the RV Lifestyle –

My RV site has an entire section dedicated to winter living

As you’ll hear and then see, I had to make several modifications and preparations for the upcoming winter in October and November – but even with those preparations, challenges arose. Those challenges included water freezing (multiple times in multiple places), frozen grey and black tank levers (you can’t “dump” when the levers won’t move!), refrigerator failure, water pump freezing, slide outs requiring snow removal, and more. 

an amazing view

More pics coming soon! Some of the greatest skiing in my life has happened in the past few weeks!

If you’re ever thinking of such a lifestyle, watch this video and enjoy! 

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best rv accessories

Click the image to see what RV Accessories I’ve found stand “the test of time” – AND – are designed for WINTER RV LIVING!

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Feb 23 2013

Signposts and Markers…

signpostsWhen I was a kid, I learned about sign posts and markers – you know those physical signs and landmarks that provided cues and clues to know where you are and how your journey is proceeding. Perhaps the first ones I recall were the exit signs along the Garden State Parkway as we made my first trips to the Jersey shore! I recall the “twin bridges” as the GSP and Rt. 9 cross the Raritan River, Exit 129 – the big Turnpike Exit, and of course, the best marker of all, Exit 98, Belmar! At that signpost, I knew the water was mere minutes away!!

Lets shift gears and talk about something going on today that has its own signposts…

Let’s talk entitlements. You know, those “things” most of us have paid into for most of our live and EXPECT to be there when we need them. Entitlements include social security, medicare, prescription benefits and one that is not paid into… medicaid. 

In 1960, just like now, Americans expected to receive most of these entitlements later in life. But we were a younger nation then and entitlements comprised just 28% of the national outlay (budget) went to paying for the entitlements Americans expected their government to provide. As we have aged as a nation, our national outlay has increased. Under GW Bush, it grew from 50 to 63% (gee, thanks GW for ignoring the issue!) and now it is about 67%. (These are FACTS, and these facts are NOT in dispute.)

This means that fully TWO-THIRDS of our national budget goes to paying for entitlements in 2013. 

This is not only UNSUSTAINABLE, it is thanks to the incredible irresponsibility of the 535 clowns, morons, and criminals we have elected to Congress – and – to the residents of the White House – FROM BOTH PARTIES, largely for the past 50 years. This criminal irresponsibility has transferred America from the worlds largest CREDITOR after WWII to the largest DEBTOR nation the planet has EVER seen. In short, no one since entitlements were created has read the sign posts and markers and made adjustments in the programs to insure their long term viability. Now we face a generation of Americans – the largest ever called the “baby boomers” who are starting to tap into these entitlements like NEVER before (10,000 are turning 65 EACH DAY). Current estimates indicate we need OVER 120 TRILLION dollars to cover the upcoming expenses (and our government only collects about 2 trillion each year!)

The FED’s solution is to print money at a pace that would shame the Weimar Republic of Germany in the 1920’s! And…look at how well THAT turned out for the Germans! 

Yet, most Americans remain engrossed in their personal and work lives, paying little attention to the signposts and warnings that abound. This makes us very much like many great societies that came before us. Most members of those societies were taken by surprise when their REAL fiscal/societal cliff occurred.

And…the current “crisis” regarding the “massive cuts” due to take effect in a few days are NOTHING compared to the road we are barreling down towards at break-neck speed. 

Right now, we look good because other places on the planet look THAT BAD. In Greece, for example, 27% of their population is unemployed (its about 15% here when you look at the REAL numbers) and OVER 60% of the youth are unemployed. (And we know from history how well that goes when the youth are unemployed (and hungry). Amazingly, despite the devastation by the NAZI’s in Greece just 70 years ago, over 20% of their Parliament is now represented by National Socialists (errr…dare I say NAZI’s?!) So, we are not the only people asleep at the switch.


So what can/should you (we) do? Here’s a few ideas…

  • Hedge your bets – buy REAL tangibles (yes, including gold and silver bullion, but also land, water, food (see next item) – need a reliable source? Contact me for a referral. (I find it ESPECIALLY interesting that demand for silver and gold have been off-the-charts, yet, prices keep declining.)
  • Have emergency food “in house”. Have you seen my banner for Wise foods along the right side of this page? (Consider this: IF you woke up tomorrow and Israel attacked Iran (possible?) and Iran responded by closing the water way through which much of the world’s oil passes – how long before transportation problems in the USA cause the shelves in our supermarkets to go empty?? Doesn’t it *just make sense* to have some emergency food on hand? (The banner on this page gets you a discount on your Wise foods purchase.)
  • Support the 2nd Amendment (and all the others while you’re at it!!) – The “Bill of Rights” (the 1st 10 amendments) are OUR RIGHTS given by “Natural Law” to us – and place limits on what a tyrannical government can do to us. Our founders were concerned about it and WE should be as well.
  • Have a “plan B” income!! Why do you think I keep HAMMERING on Send Out Cards?? AND… why do you think I’m so blunt with those who promote scams, crap, and other schemes out there?? Time is running down. I have no idea how much we have, but I know we are following a path that every other great society has followed.

YOU have a choice. Take action now – WAKE UP (if you’ve read this far, you probably ARE awake!); GET EDUCATED; form communities with others who are awake; and do what you need NOW as I have suggested above.

Got thoughts? I’d love to hear ’em – use the reply area below.

Supporting articles and pages and more… (read these!!)

Is WALMART the “canary in the coal mine”?

Harvey Organ’s Blog – updated daily; lots of news on silver and gold

Why do you think the Fed’s are doing this? 

THIS should concern ALL of us




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Feb 22 2013

Quiet Leadership…

A very different style. 

I’ve seen many – especially in these (still) early days of marketing online proclaim their expertise and use old “tried and true” techniques to line the pockets and fleece many. In fact, some of the techniques originated with the traveling carnivals of the 19th century! (and who knows if they were copied at that time from earlier “hawkers”.) What I know is this… true leadership is more rare than we would hope.

Here now are my thoughts on this most important topic… LEADERSHIP

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quiet leadership

Quiet Leadership – and a good dose of inspiration

Care to add your “two cents” to my thoughts shared above? Feel free to post using the space below!


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Feb 13 2013

Communication…yup, its all about well – communicating

Communication – something that is NOT unique to humans, but, unlike other species, it seems that communication can enhance our lives and complicate them as well. 

As a educator for many years, and now on the ski slopes (and here), I know that clear and concise communication is an “essential skill”. How many times have insurance reports included phrases like…

“i was driving along when a tree jumped out in front of me, i swerved to miss it, and another tree jumped out in front of me, i swerved to miss it, and another tree jumped out in front of me.”

So much for clear communication! 

We also use communication to act upon PROMPTINGS – you know – All of us have someone whom we should reach out to TODAY – if only with a kind word. Watch my video below to see where I’m going with this…

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send out cards

Act on a prompting – send a heartfelt message today.

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