Jan 21 2013

Luck be a Lady Tonight

Hey, g’morning, its warming up!

-13F outside right now – yup, a “milder” night

My truck even started!!

“Luck be a Lady Tonight” – watch my video to see whats on my mind today. This video was recorded a few days ago when the morning temperature was closer to -25F and I had one of those “peak” experiences. In fact, much of my life this winter has been filled with peak experiences – meeting great people, teaching some folks how to ski, enjoying GREAT skiing on a GREAT mountain and much more.

Enjoy what follows – and I’d love to hear from YOU!

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wilderness...join me eh

send out cards

Act on a prompting – send a heartfelt message today.

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Jan 12 2013

Tenacity and a cold front… (i’m back!)

Hey there, its been a couple of weeks! 

In today’s video I discuss TENACITY – and I believe it is a trait that leads to success in life, in fact, i’m SURE of it! 

You see… i’m not a real talented guy, but you’ll hear how tenacity ties in with my winter experiences this year in Steamboat Springs, how it has helped me survive and thrive…

AND how it relates to business and YOU. 

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Enjoy these pics – I refer to some in my video


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Dec 26 2012

Christmas thoughts…and its dumping again!

Its dumping (snow) again! (but first… something important)

I was at a Christmas Eve “candlelight” service at Steamboat Christian and it was a great reminder of the season –

that is the reason for the season.

When you’re at a ski resort, and people are here on vacation, that is an important thing to remember! I was accompanied by two new friends who are both with the mountain – one in ski school, one who works the gondola lift. 

My video below explains a bit more – and my pics attempt to capture the incredible beauty of this place.

Steamboat is truly special and has some great people here – and the ski school is just plain fun to be with.  Today I worked with 4 folks from Texas and showed them how to ski and a bit about the mountain – and THAT is what it is all about…but, again, my video shares a bit more – so, here it is…

YouTube Preview Image

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Dec 22 2012

A quick Christmas message – in between snowstorms…

It’s been quite a week here in Steamboat Springs!

OVER 40” of new snow in the past week… powder conditions AND lots of great skiing!

It has also been quite cold (in the early morning), a few mornings ago, the campground bottomed out at -23F!

This of course causes some challenges…you can see just what in my video below.

ALSO – I had virtually a FULL WEEK of lessons and for some strange reason, the staff and students like me.

So, I wanted to make this video for you…share a few thoughts, and wish you and yours a very merry Christmas, happy holidays, happy Chanukah (even though it is now over)

We have MORE snow heading in soon! (Christmas will be a powder day!! AND…I’m NOT on the schedule to teach!)

Oh, and enjoy the pictures below!

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 I encourage you to visit these links…

Send Out Cardshas been and continues to be a great idea!



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Dec 17 2012

Wintering in an RV…

The snow is flying – oh boy is it flying!! 

I’m out here at about 7000 ft. in the Colorado Rockies

It is a lot of fun…but there’s some work to do too!

Just had my propane tank refilled (I’m getting propane at 1.65/gallon – contact me if you want to know from whom – it IS a national company, and I will be glad to connect you with my “source”!)

Here is my story

YouTube Preview Image

Enjoy the pics… (taken at Steamboat Campground, 6 miles from the mountain)…


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