Nov 11 2012

Preparing for winter (bet you’ve never seen anything like this before!)

Preparing for Winter in an RV is quite an experience! 

I am posting this as I believe some might find it interesting – and it certainly provided a “release” for me this past week! 

It started with simple stuff like heat tape and foam insulation on the water hose. Then I outfitted the windows inside with bubble wrap that rests between the shades & the windows providing double to triple the R-factor insulation otherwise. 

The big project involved the purchase of 8 – 4 ft x 8 ft 2 inch thick insulation boards called “blue board”. They “seal” the underbody of the RV and prevent cold air from surrounding it. The idea is to make it more comfortable inside AND to use less propane. Which … thanks to a deal with Ferrell Gas, I’m purchasing for well under $2.00/gallon! (Contact me if you are traveling by RV and plan to settle somewhere cold for the winter – I will refer you to my contact and get you the same deal I got.)


The holidays are coming – Send someone special a heartfelt message today!


You can see in the photos to see exactly what I’ve done – and – Mother Nature was kind to me! You can see the boards cut to fit and held by pressure, stakes and gorilla tape!

I did all this work on 3 days where the average afternoon was 65; and now that it is done, 2 days after finishing, today temperatures remained in the low 20’s (during the day!) and tonight its going to be NEAR ZERO!! (And that is NOT zero Celsius – its zero Fahrenheit!)

You can see the job partially done in the first few photos then my work upon completion; the photos with snow on the ground were taken about 24 hours after finishing and a period of high winds (up to 40 mph) – and I’m pleased to say – my work has stood the test! 

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Nov 07 2012


A phone call woke me up at 6:45 this morning – it was a car salesman from Florida at a dealership I had visited a year ago or so. I could not be upset with him as my phone is still a South Florida number, so how was he to know it was 2 hours earlier where I am and that I had been up until after 1am in what was a very tough day. But, I told my tired body I must awake as it is light outside – and those who live in the North (I AM North of the 40th parallel in this most northern portion of Colorado) – know that daylight is a precious commodity at this time of year.

I looked outside and the world was still turning, the sun was rising over a calm valley with frost on the ground and a few fair weather clouds in the sky. The promise of another Indian Summer-like day (one of three left) before a distinct turn to much colder weather is promised. By Monday morning, the temperature may well fall to 0 degrees (and thats NOT celsius) in this valley. I will be prepared for that and more.

Many reading this post could not imagine yesterday’s outcome, but now that it has occurred, one word comes to mind… prepare. I am not going to rehash old issues here, and since I could not imagine the outcome we DID get… I will say that what I’m about to share is the best conjecture I can offer in light of my understanding of certain things.

First, there is this morning an immediate reaction to our election in the world of economics – stock futures are down; the dollar has slipped against foreign currencies; and gold and silver rose (quickly) – all overnight. Will these trends continue? My bet is yes. They will certainly not move in a straight line, but I believe we are likely to see these trends continue and become serious as now we can expect a continuation of current monetary policies – namely low interest rates and unlimited “quantitative easing”. Policies that can only lead towards a collapse of the dollar, HIGHER interest rates and a crash in the stock markets.

This is NOT to say it will happen tomorrow or that the Dow could go to 20,000 before it happens. But… I don’t see any way to escape the rules of economics just like we can not escape the laws of physics.

So, what can YOU do and how can YOU prepare? 

Well, ask anyone in New Jersey or New York, do you think that some extra FOOD on hand is a good idea? Well… I have a suggestion – on my blog (if you’re reading this elsewhere, go to – scroll down along the right side of the page and look for “Wise Emergency Food Storage” banner. When you click that banner (entering their site that way), you’ll find you can access their food AND save 5% AND get free shipping. (Yes, I am an affiliate and it benefits BOTH you and I by using that banner link to get to Wise Foods)

Water – again ask anyone who has been in an emergency if they wished they had better access to water. AND, what if our electric grid is compromised (by an attack or just the fact that it is incredibly OLD and outdated)? I decided that traveling with tons of water bottles was not effective for many reasons. What I DO like is this product –

Sawyer PointTwo Purifier with Bucket Adapter Kit with Faucet Adapter

(this is an amazon link; and yes, i’m an amazon “associate” – in the interest of full disclosure)

It is a water purifier that can purify something like 1 million gallons of water – even water that is contaminated with all kinds of real nasty stuff! Make sense to have ONE on hand?

Having these things, along with a few more (read on) will go a long way towards protecting you and your loved ones from any emergencies or “interruptions”. And… realize that big issues are coming up – any one of which could create “instability” (i’m choosing my words **carefully** here).



What’s coming up?

Before the end of the year we face a debt ceiling limit fight (I think its 17 TRILLION dollars); the LARGEST tax increase EVER in our nation on Jan 1st; and “sequestration” – you know – the deal that Congress cut with Obama that will cause incredible cuts in the military (that should go well with our foreign relations) and I believe deep domestic cuts as well. I’m not going to dwell on my feelings about all this – only to say each of these events will impact our economy and its workforce. I would venture that unemployment could skyrocket as a result of sequestration and the tax hikes.

So, what else can YOU do? 

Make money now – but – be careful – the “rats” will be coming out of the woodwork to “sell” you on “get rich quick” ideas. Being a “home based business” guy, I will tell you there are *some* legitimate “opportunities”, but beware. (Want more on this? Contact me individually – or explore my site – I only promote programs I believe you CAN succeed at (look at my links and buttons to “cardio” and “promptings”.)

If you take action now on a home based business (and why do I suggest this OVER a 2nd job? Simple – a 2nd job will limit your time freedom) you WILL find those who lose their jobs in the coming weeks and months will be actively looking for some way to feed their families. Better they find YOU with a legitimate opportunity than some huckster who will lead them “down the golden path” .. right?

Now, as you make money – realizing that the US Dollar’s days are “numbered”, convert it to things of value – food, fuel, and commodities (eg: silver and gold). Why do you think gold and silver spiked last night? I’m not telling you to convert ALL of your cash, but DO realize that 2 days after FDR took office in 1933, he closed the banks for a week – when they reopened, he had devalued the dollar by 60%! Caution: Buy silver and gold ONLY from recognized dealers (eg: Monex, Ampex, Goldline) and DO take physical possession – then hide it! AND… DO NOT get involved with ANY gold and silver network marketing company (I will have a post on this topic in a day or two).

THEN there is the matter of protection – just realize you DO have a 2nd Amendment right – ‘nuf said? Do your own research on this topic.

What else should you watch? 

Keep an eye on the middle east – is the “caliphate” expanding? How is Israel reacting? Is Iran being disarmed? All these things can have a DIRECT impact upon you and I … if in no other way – the price of OIL. Keep an eye on electric rates – rising? Ask yourself and your elected officials WHY. Could it have anything to do with the closure of coal plants?

My final advice at this moment – stay within the law; protect yourself and your family in the manner I detailed here; and PRAY.

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Oct 31 2012


What do you enjoy doing most? 


Leverage – a KEY to the lifestyle YOU want.

Hey!! Pause a moment and really reflect on that question! 

Are you a “workaholic”? Have you considered that NO ONE has a grave marker that says “he was indispensable” or “he wished he spent more time working” (instead of time with the kids, family, relaxing, hiking, biking, skiing, gardening, swimming, –well you get the idea–

Many today – I mean MANY are looking for a “way out” and you know what it all comes down to? 


Here are my thoughts on the topic…

note: the audio improves as the video proceeds

YouTube Preview Image

Did my message resonate with you? Contact me!

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Oct 29 2012


Words that need to be written… THAT is what I’m thinking as I write this. 

In business, what’s important? Well, lots of things! But – ONE – that stands out in my mind is CONSISTENCY

Consistency means (to me) being “steady”, “reliable”, and BELIEVING in your choices and decisions. 

Now…there is one thing you HAVE to do in advance of being consistent… RESEARCH! 

consistency in business

Consistency in Business – and Pure Inspiration! Enjoy Steamboat!!

Here is what I DO know…

Whatever I decide to market and promote has MY NAME behind it. So…BEFORE I “join a company” or begin a marketing strategy or do ANYTHING, I conduct **research** (and as a student of science and a science educator for 20+ years…I KNOW how to do research and ask the tough questions.)

What is the result? 

Watch the video below and then if you want to speak with me with the goal of helping YOU further YOUR goals – contact me! (My contact info is below the video)

YouTube Preview Image

To access me – you can CALL (561 676 1205) or EMAIL ( or CLICK HERE “work-with-Al

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Oct 25 2012

Historic October Storm Likely to impact Much of the Northeastern USA

You know my posts here mostly address business, economics, occasionally “American issues” – but – another “hat” I wear is a Professor of Meteorology. I teach an online course for a college in the east (while I LOVE my lifestyle in Steamboat Springs, Colorado where we had 3″ of snow last night!! – and yes, thats a bit early for here.)

As part of my course instruction, and because I have the opportunity to teach a science that can be studied “real time”, I prepared a video for my students to help prep them for the upcoming “superstorm” (some are calling it a “franken storm” or “perfect storm”). The computer models are falling in place (in agreement) and confidence is increasing that this will be a MAJOR “weather event”.

I decided to share this video with YOU as I know I have an educated and intelligent readership.

Enjoy – Learn – and feel free to comment and ask...

YouTube Preview Image

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