Oct 24 2012

SNOW in Colorado! A view from my RV…

Here it is!! My first day in Steamboat Springs, Co. and look what’s happening!!

This is the view from within the Campground and from my RV itself.

Hmmm…. x-country skiing in OCTOBER tomorrow (or later this evening??)

The shot with the bus in it is where you can get a FREE ride to town (about 2 miles) or the ski mountain (6 miles) – I will not have to use my truck at all to get around!!

The shots with just a little snow (the first 3) were taken at 1pm; by 2pm it looks like a real snowstorm!! The bridge leads to a tenting area – and a spot to practice my “skinny ski” techniques – perhaps as early as early tonight!!

Forecast update… they are expecting 7-14″ before this storm ends…and highs tomorrow in the 20’s … I WILL be cross country skiing!!

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Oct 22 2012


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Leadership – I titled this piece leadership because it’s just that – leadership will likely make the difference between America retaining its role as an exceptional experiment, a shining light to the rest of the world, OR America collapsing. I’m not unfamiliar with leadership myself as I have a background as a classroom and educational leader; now in business, in a position where many people rely upon my leadership when it comes to integrity, morals, values, assessing business models and marketing. 

This is perhaps the most important essay I’ve ever written. I will be endorsing one candidate over the other – but more importantly, I want to share with YOU how I’m looking at this election and I promise you this, my “take” may be a bit different from what you’re hearing elsewhere. And… since many know I’m “all about business” – you may wonder why I’d post this on my page – Well, its because I’m an American FIRST, and business won’t matter if ANY of the following crises emerge and they are handled poorly. 

I pray, truly pray, you will read this with an open heart – AND – if you feel I have something worth sharing here, please DO SO.

I could easily title this essay…


America will (in my humble opinion) face UNPRECEDENTED challenges and crises over the course of the next four years. Will we rise to the occasion or sink into annihilation? I think the answer clearly lies in whom we elect on November 6.

The challenges and crises we will likely face

The challenges and crises we will likely face include:

  • A rising tide and “caliphate” of radical islam from North Africa clear across to Europe – this is a 1000+ year old war that is unresolved … the radical islamists saw an “opening” in the past few years to make happen what has happened – including instability we now see in Libya, Egypt, Tunesia, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and possibly even Turkey.
  • The greatest threat to the existence of Israel in a generation
  • Currency wars – largely between the US and China which drag the rest of the planet in on the financial tug of war between these two giants – and in turn, wreak havoc across the globe
  • The re-emergence of Russia as a dominant power (and threatening power) – including their “claim” to the NORTH POLE for energy dominance
  • The potential (or impending) collapse of the U.S. dollar and the chaos that will accompany its collapse
  • Severe or runaway inflation (hyperinflation??)  here in the U.S.
  • Collapse in the markets, along with the default of medicare and social security (both of which could hobble along for a few more years, but shouldn’t they be fixed NOW??)
  • Iran going NUCLEAR
Did I miss any? Feel free to use the space below to post yours.
Who is best equipped to address these crises as they arise – Romney or Obama?


Obama has had his hand in CREATING or AGGRAVATING many of the potential (or upcoming) crises through his “leadership” – here are the facts:
  • Much of the upheaval in the middle – east and North Africa has been a result of two things – Islam’s fundamentally different world view – compromise, negotiation, kindness are all viewed as *weakness* – especially by the radicals. Note the difference in how Iran responded to Carter compared to Reagan with the hostages in 1979-80. The day Reagan was sworn in, the hostages were released. Further, U.S. monetary policy (QE “to infinity”) under Obama has CAUSED inflation across much of the world – thus the average Egyptian who makes next to nothing for wages was beginning to starve as they could not afford their food. This gave impetus to the uprising, and a path to governance for the Muslim Brotherhood – a KNOWN terrorist organization. In fact, as nation after nation erupted – Obama firmly “led from behind.” Obama FAILED to take an early (and correct) stand in Iran (in 2009) – a street revolution that *might* have succeeded had we acted. Obama AGAIN failed to take an early stand – and supporting the WRONG side in Egypt, Libya, and apparently Syria. No, I’m not saying Assaad (Syria), Mubarac (Egypt), and Kadaffi (Libya) were good guys, but geez, show some judgement when you allow a nation to be over-thrown!!
  • This same rise to power for the radicals (falsely and erroneously referred to AND PRAISED by Obama as a democracy movement) is now threatening our #1 closest ally – AND STRATEGIC partner in the middle east – Israel. Obama even called for Israel to return to their 1967 borders! Hmmm… how would that be different from Canada calling for the U.S. to return to its 1845 (?) borders with Mexico. Think about it! This position is UNtenable for Israel, and yes, I’ll go there: shame on ANY American JEW who votes for Obama this November.
  • The U.S. has been trying to devalue its own dollar which will make exports increase (in quantity) which (in theory) will stimulate our economy as we start manufacturing more “stuff” to ship overseas. The US government has identified China as the main market where these products can be shipped – but China has its own goals. In 4 years, the situation has clearly gone from BAD to WORSE … and – our actions have impacted other nations as detailed above. 
  • Putin continues to make moves to threaten Europe such as testing nukes; blocking natural gas from reaching nations that need it, and subverting an alternative pipeline that travels through Turkey avoiding Russian influence. Obama has done nothing to draw a line in the sand with Putin…in fact, he was caught in an unguarded moment appearing (when he thought he was off-mic) to be in collusion with Putin. 
  • Our dollar has been “pegged to nothing” since 1971 – but only in the past 5 years has so much money been “printed” as to debase the dollar. We may very likely be at the point of no return. If hyperinflation (or just moderate inflation) develops – and let’s face it – the FED has a history of “overshooting” its mark! What will our next leader do? 
  • I probably don’t even need to highlight the lack of action with “entitlement reform” and Iran. And don’t talk to me about Bush being just as lame – he clearly was in this respect. But, Bush had time on his side. I believe with Iran, time has nearly run out and with entitlements (social security and medicare), time is quickly running out. 
What WAS Obama quick to act upon? 


Pretty much, a shooting in Sanford, Florida and a disturbance in a home in Cambridge, Mass. Both times he came right out and had a WRONG opinion and did NOT (clearly did not) have all the facts. AND… as President of the USA, certain issues should NOT be the subject of commentary! 

Why I’m voting for Romney (and you should too!!)


Simply put, he has a history of accomplishing things. Let me get this out of the way FIRST – he was NOT “my guy” in the primaries. Santorum OR Cain were far closer to my views. But, since it is Romney or Obama – what DO we know about Mitt Romney? First, he has a history of FIXING things. As a CEO he has had to make pressing and important decisions on a quick timeline. He has taken the helm in difficult situations (the Olympics; governing one of the most liberal, democratic, Kennedy “owned” states – and doing it as a moderate Republican). In my opinion, this makes me sleep much  better at night knowing Romney will be “at the helm” instead of a guy who does not even take the time to attend his own national security briefings! 


In short, Mitt Romney is a businessman, and many of our issues will require HIS expertise… not that of a “community organizer.” (Gee, who could that be?!) Romney HAS the expertise, along with the right skill-set to tackle the upcoming crises. Had Romney been President in 1929 when the stock market crashed, perhaps history would have had a different course as Hoover’s actions clearly led to a FDR landslide – and we are STILL paying the bill for FDR’s initiatives today.


This is likely the most important election since 1861… think CAREFULLY before casting your vote.


************still with me? before the last section of this marathon post…***************
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In addition to being a voracious reader on blogs and various news and information sites, two books I recently completed were instrumental in motivating me to post what I have – Currency Wars by James Rickards and Ameritopia by Mark Levin. Here are some noted and potent passages from each volume…


From Levin’s book, he takes an historical approach to our grand “American Experiment” – exploring the roots of “American Exceptionalism” and “equality” – For example:


Consider John Locke and “natural law” – providing the foundation for the concept of “all men are created equal” – meaning equal OPPORTUNITY, NOT equal OUTCOME. In the latter, you have communism (where the majority have an equal outcome of having little – if anything.) In America today, we have *unprecedented* opportunity – consider a kid from “the hood” can learn how to market online and with virtually no resources can build a million dollar business (and hire others in the process, thus further driving the economy.) Why is this not happening more frequently? Simple – we do not teach entrepreneurism in schools and we seem to be losing the entrepreneurial spirit held by our forefathers in this nation.


Locke would likely view “spreading the wealth” as undermining the individual’s right to the value he creates with his own labor and in his own property (physical OR intellectual) as it is central to his nature and existence. In short, redistribution of wealth through the government’s abuse of law and misapplication of rights destroys individual liberty, ambition, productivity, and wealth. (Ameritopia, Levin, pg. 103-104)


Regarding Charles De Montesquieu and virtue – “less virtue is needed in a monarchy where the one who sees to the execution of the laws judges himself above the laws” (eg: a President who by-passes the Legislative Branch (Congress) to implement his own edicts (laws) via Executive Order (CLEARLY Obama has abused the Exec. Order privelege we accord presidents) (Ameritopia, Levin, pg. 128) incidentally, many of Montesquieu’s ideas made it into our governmental structure including a 3 co-equal branches of government and the notion that for change to be desirable and accepted, it must be achieved through persuasion not by coercion and government fiat. (p. 135-136)


It is IMPORTANT to understand that (as Madison argued in Federalist 45, “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the Federal Government are FEW and DEFINED. Those which are to remain in the State Governments are numerous and indefinite. (Levin, pg. 150) Had this position NOT been taken, the Constitution NEVER would have been ratified. Those who argue that the Constitution is a dated document, exactly WHERE is this STILL not a good idea?? Understand what the Federal Government IS charged to do and then LOOK for YOURSELF at what it DOES do. I would argue myself that MANY federal departments should NOT exist and MANY federal regulations should be relegated to the states to control as the PEOPLE in each state see fit. (The 9th and 10th Amendments are KEY to preserving individual and state’s rights)


DeTocqueville who visited America in the early 19th century wrote “The American society – the personality of its people and their spirit – is everywhere. It is vibrant and ingrained. America’s government is NOT coercive OR repressive…because it reflects and respects the temperament and disposition of the people, INCLUDING THEIR TRADITIONS, customs, experiences and mores. (emphasis added) (Levin, pg. 164) My how we have changed! What would DeTocqueville say today?? (DeTocqueville continued… “The American Government is nothing like the governments in Europe, where the latter governments are central to European societies and lord over them…”


Amazingly – even in the early 1800’s DeTocqueville saw this… “the tyranny that most endangers free societies is a soft tyranny. It is the gradual imposition of and acquiescence to radical egalitarianism, which is disguised as democratic and administrative utilitarianism. Consider the current bureaucracy here in our government – and their regulations – on where you can fill in dirt ON YOUR OWN LAND; what kind of light bulb you get to buy; how much water your toilet or shower can run, etc… Consider the current CAFE standards for automobile fuel efficiency – MANY THOUSANDS are dead due to these standards. And….more will die if we continue to force the auto industry to raise fuel efficiency – why? They accomplish it by using LIGHTER and LESS SAFE materials. Save for a breakthrough in engine technology, its the only way to meet *arbitrary* levels set by politicians and bureaucrats. 
Concluding Mark Levin’s comments from his own book, on page 242, he states…“The American Founding was an exceptional exercise in collective human virtue and wisdom – a culmination of thousands of years of experience, knowledge, reason, and faith. The Declaration of Independence is a remarkable societal proclamation of human rights, brilliant in its insight, clarity and conciseness. The Constitution is an extraordinary matrix of governmental limits, checks, balances, and divisions; intended to secure for posterity the individual’s sovereignty as proclaimed in the Declaration.

THIS is the grand heritage to which EVERY American citizen is born. (emphasis added) It has been characterized as “the American Dream,” “the American experiment,” and “American exceptionalism.” The country has been called the “Land of Opportunity”, “Land of Milk and Honey”, and a “Shining City on a Hill.” It seems UNIMAGINABLE that a people SO ENDOWED by Providence, and the beneficiaries of such UNPARALLELED human excellence, would choose or TOLERATE a course that ensures their own decline and enslavement for a government unleashed on the civil society is a government that DESTROYS the nature of man.

The following comments all either come from or were inspired by… Currency Wars by James Rickards

America is vulnerable – and that includes vulnerability to foreign creditors. THAT is not a position you want to be in – and with the model that has been followed over the past several years, ANY crisis may necessitate extreme measures like bank closings; gold seizures; import tariffs; and capital controls. ALL of which have been implemented before (by FDR in 1933 and Nixon in 1971). (pg. 188, Currency Wars, Rickards)

Regarding the source of inflation mentioned in my post in other nations: “When the United States is printing dollars and another country is trying to peg its currency to the dollar, that country ends up printing local currency to maintain the peg, which causes local inflation. (eg: Egypt!!) (pg. 123)

“If you destroy the currency, you destroy all markets and the nation. This is why the currency itself is the ultimate target in any financial war.” (pg. 146)

“China’s posture toward the U.S. dollar is likely to become more aggressive as its reserve diversification becomes more advanced. China’s hard asset endgame is one more ticking time bomb for the dollar.” (pg. 163)

Correlation: A REAL risk – eg: if China were to launch a financial attack at the same time Russia cuts off natural gas to Europe in an attempt to control energy markets – the U.S. is particularly vulnerable in its weakened (debt ridden) state. (Paraphrased from pg. 164)

Regarding the FED: “From its creation in 1913, the most important Fed mandate has been to maintain the purchasing power of the dollar; however since 1913, the dollar has LOST OVER 95% OF ITS VALUE.”(a success story??)

“currencies must be anchored to something” – the US dollar has been a “fiat” currency (backed by nothing of real substance) since 1971. Such currencies have an average life span of just over 40 years… look where we are! Wonder why gold and silver look very attractive to some?

Obama’s deficit run-up ($5.4 TRILLION) in about 4 years has significantly weakened our nation and its ability to respond to a crisis. Consider another 911 like event, or even a Katrina – our borrowing power is gone or nearly gone; and the more “Quantitative Easing” we do (printing money in effect), we debase our currency further. (pg. 185)

“From the start, the Obama stimulus was little more than an ideological wish list of favored programs and constituencies dressed up in the academic robes of John Maynard Keynes.” (pg. 187)

“While all currencies by definition represent some store of value, the dollar is different. It is a store of economic value in a nation whose moral values are historically exceptional  and therefore a light to the world. The debasement of the dollar cannot proceed without the debasement of those values and that exceptionalism.” (pg. 258)

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Oct 21 2012

Thank You!

This has been a SPECTACULAR Autumn – allow me to share a bit on this tranquil and beautiful Sunday morning…

YouTube Preview Image

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Oct 20 2012

A dose of reality…

And coming from me, I’m “pretty real” to begin with, so who knows what I’m going to say…

I can tell you this – I made this video in Rifle Gap State Park a few days ago.

A revealing video – where I share *what I do* and *why I do it*. 

I also reveal a couple of nuggets that can help you if you are trying to grow an income from home. 

I hope you give it a quick listen, and let me know if my thoughts resonate with you

YouTube Preview Image

Want to learn more about some of the things I mention in this video? 

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Oct 13 2012

Grand Junction to Rifle – An Exceptional Drive!

Time/date: Saturday, October 13 – 10:45am MDT – I left Grand Junction in an off-n-on light rain with a temperature of 48. I broke down the RV as normal with the only change from the summer to wear two long sleeve shirts instead of my “signature” t-shirt. I was still in shorts and sandals – and will be until its BELOW freezing!!

grand junction

Grand Junction to Rifle, Co.

The drive from Grand Junction to Rifle along I-70 takes you through a river valley surrounded by mountains on both sides. The river? As far as I know – its the Colorado. It meanders gradually from Rifle (5350 ft) to Grand Junction (4650 ft). To be absolutely honest, NOTHING was exceptional except this…

While driving along the Interstate, with solid grey skies and a persistent light rain, I noticed the yellow of the Autumnal Aspens were illuminating my way. Specifically, they nicely line the Colorado River itself. On the mountain sides (and I can see this from the window of the Starbucks I’m currently in), I can see stunted spruce trees on the 40+ degree slopes of the hills leading up from the river valley.

The bright, almost iridescent yellow of the Aspens, the brown of the river, the green of the slopes and the grey of the sky made an otherwise dreary day MUCH more interesting.

My drive ended at the Rifle Walmart (where I will “dry camp” for the night) before heading into Rifle Gap State Park (and potentially 72 hours of NO PHONE OR INTERNET – note I said “potentially” – I might drive into town (about 10 miles) for part of Monday. Rifle Gap is supposed to be spectacular and will certainly be quiet at this time of year!

Walmart will serve not only as a free overnight spot, but as a great spot to re-stock my food supplies!

By the way – my drive, just over an hour, saw the temperature FALL to 44 upon arrival in Rifle. A bit chilly – but – I’m STILL in shorts!


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